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Thread: Hi therez?

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    Default Hi therez?

    umm, so I just registered the other day, and thought I'd better introduce myself?
    Well I've been interested in diapers since I was a teen, but was always too scared of getting caught to do anything... But since turning 18, I've ordered some free samples from different places, and have really gotten to like them =P (And I haven't been caught yet =D ) I'm hoping that I'll learn a thing or two by being on ADISC, since I'm pretty new and all i guess...
    As for non-diaper stuff, I'm a uni student/aspiring author, so I read/write alot, but I also like watching movies, playing video games, and whatnot...
    Well, I hope that was okay... Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome to the forum! Don't worry about being too nervous, its a pretty friendly and open community here so make yourself at home. What type of video games are you into?

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    Hello, scribblez. Welcome to ADISC. If you get a bit board of the forums, why not try the chat room, that's where all the REAL fun is. :p

    P.S. I know there is going to be one happy puppy around here, that you've joined.

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