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Thread: Girls only: Pads or Diapers with your period

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    Default Girls only: Pads or Diapers with your period

    Girls only: Pads or Diapers with your period which one would you wear (assuming you arent incontinent)

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    Both, but not at the same time.

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    Why are tampons not an option?

    Damn discriminatory fapper.

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    I did check to see if OP was male or female before answering.

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    I'd like to flex my suspension of disbelief that gender matters when the topic is this. :P

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    Before we both got into diapers 24/7, me and my gf were kinda at odds with pads. I never really minded them but she absolutely hated them. Once I got her hooked onto wearing pullups in the day time, she caught onto the idea of wearing them for her period. Pads nowadays? Thing of the past. Its much easier with a pullup between comfort and absorbency (she always complained about having to change constantly, worry about spotting, etc.)

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    Usually pads during the day, diapers at night, its great to not have to worry about leaking on my bed.

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    I usually wear Pull Ups with a pad. That way I can be sure I don't leak.

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    This post is uber creepy. 8|

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