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Thread: I need sum advice

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    Default I need sum advice

    ok my mom got ****ed up on pills again today this is the 3rd time I've had to carry her into the house and about the 9th time I've seen her get screwed up she's taking Alprazolam and it causes her to lose motor skills and can't talk right
    I need sum help how can I get her to stop taking them when she's not suppose to it says to take 1 at bedtime but is 12 pm here

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    Man that's a hard situation to be in. I know one of my friends moms is always drunk, and he does not know what to do either.

    This may require some good hard thinking.

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    It is usually very hard to stop an adult from taking things because they are usually too stubborn. That's why when I become a psychologist I would like to help kids and teenagers.

    I have tried to stop my mom from smoking because she is coughing all the time from it and it's getting hard for her to breath. Her smoking also effects my asthma (if spelled correctly). I keep on trying to tell her that what she is doing is really bad and is effecting the whole family emotionally and she still doesn't care what I say. The only thing that she say's to me is that she'll have to stop smoking herself when she is ready to. I'm sorry that I don't have alot of info to tell you, but alls I can do is wish u luck.

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    it's not your responsibility to get your mom to stop taking drugs. if she's making bad choices and abusing her medication then she has only herself to blame. you can tell her you're sick of it, that you're concerned about her, and that you're embarassed for people to see her like that, but in the end she has to make her own decision to stop. so you shouldn't feel like the way she's behaving is your fault in any way.

    if she's really endangering her health or messing up her life, your only option is to talk to an adult. start with someone she trusts, maybe one of her friends, who might be able to persuade her to quit. if that doesn't work, find someone who'll be able to force her into rehab, even if it's the police. i hope it's not that serious, but if it is then don't be afraid to do the right thing.

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    Can you call someone she will listen to, I don't know your situation, but you definitly need some help, you may have to hide her pills and just put out what she needs for the day.

    Someone like a grand parent, or something, or call her doctor and tell him he may be able to give her something she can't OD on.

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    Is she an addict? If so, then here's a site I found for you: Addict Help

    They have a lot of information on addiction/ drug abuse and treatment. I hope that helps.. Sorry you have to deal with this, it sucks.. My aunt is an alcoholic, and she has done some bat-shit stupid stuff while drunk.. so I know what's it's like. Your best bet is to talk to someone, and see if they can persuade your mom into getting help, or stopping.

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    Its very important not to stop her cold turkey, Alprazolam withdraws have been known to cause seizures.(along with other bad symptoms) I'm sorry to say this but i feel you mother is beyond your personal help you need to consult a professional first and find out what he/she recommends.

    Your symptoms may return when you stop using alprazolam after using it over a long period of time. You may also have seizures or withdrawal symptoms when you stop using alprazolam. Withdrawal symptoms may include blurred vision, trouble concentrating, loss of appetite, diarrhea, muscle twitching, numbness or tingling, or increased sensations.
    Do not stop using alprazolam suddenly without first talking to your doctor. You may need to use less and less before you stop the medication completely.

    To be sure this medication is helping your condition, your doctor will need to check your progress on a regular basis. Do not miss any scheduled visits to your doctor.

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately there's probably not a whole lot we can say to help you, besides offering support. You don't mention if your mom is married or how she is getting the alprazolam. If it is something her doctor is prescribing, you need to tell him what's going on, if he'll talk to you. It's possible that patient confidentiality laws would prohibit him from even discussing her case with you without her permission (even though you're her family), but not being a HIPAA expert, I don't know for sure.

    And if your mom is married, or if there are other family members who she is close to, you need to share your concerns with them if you haven't already. Basically, you can't and shouldn't have to handle this on your own.

    You could also call/write Alateen, which is a support group for teens who have family members with alcohol problems. They may be able to refer you to a similar group for kids of drug abusers, or give you some advice about how to proceed.

    Anyway, hope things improve for you.

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    You should probobly carry her to a doctors office next time. Im sure he may be convincing.

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    This is a hard situation to be in. I do empathise with you. It is not easy to deal with a parent that screws up even at that age. What I can tell you is this, if self advice does not work on her, then you are pretty much at an end.

    If you do something drastic such as calling for support from someone else, she might resent you for it. Then again, if she regains her senses, she would be glad and joyous to know that she has raised a filial child. It is a double edged sword, and each reaps different benefits. Controlling someone is not an option since I am against such actions.

    Tread carefully, since you are dealing with someone else's life. Learn to read her patterns and make the best judgement that you can from it. Because if you screw up, you screw up her life as well. Well, even more so. If possible, talk to one of her CLOSE friends. I cannot stress this enough. You have to know that the person whom you are speaking to would not inform of the situation onto the authorities. Clearly speaking, if the authorities come to know about it, and if your mum finds out the entire story, she would end up resenting not just you, but her close friend.

    But if all else fails, and you are left with a choice of do or die, then inform the proper authorities and check her into a rehabilitation clinic. Progressive steps must be taken to ensure that no one gets hurt more. If you do jump the gun, things might go awfully wrong and more people would suffer.

    Try to persuade her to do the right thing to quit. Rehabilitation works better when one has evolved the proper mindset for it. I wish you all the best and hope to hear favourable results. Take care.

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