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    Default Avatar's History and use

    Can anyone explain to person who sadly is the wrong side of 20 - the use of Avatars on the site. – I really don’t understand them and have not come across them previously.

    I noted very recently on a welcome forum that someone was accused of stealing the use of someone else’s Avatar which caused unnecessary friction - especially on this guy's first Post.

    I don’t know what they are – or who creates them – to the ignorant people like me they are cartoons with no real worth.

    Do people buy them from somewhere, or take them off a site and acknowledge the use of them - are they any ones private property?

    I don’t particularly want to use one myself but am curious about their use - as people it seems are very passionate about them.

    I would welcome your constructive comments.

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    An avatar is just something that you use to represent you on the internet. Depending on the person, they might have an attachment to theirs because they've been with it for so long, or they may have even made it themselves. Usually, the they chose is something that the person feels represents them well. Mine is a kickass gun-toting Mrrshan, from the game Master of Orion II, because it's the closest thing I could find to my fursona. If I find something better, I'll change it. You can buy them, I suppose (I know there are artists that will charge commission for their work on people's avatars) and someone might see it as intellectual property... Or somesuch. But usually the value is intrinsic, and isn't shown that obviously.

    Depending on the avatar, you shouldn't have to acknowledge the use. I usually pick mine so that I don't have to, or I don't bother. But that's just me. I'm lazy. :3

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    The image you have of the plastic pants is your avatar. The images people use for avatars get swiped from all over the internet. The artistic folks make their own, and sometimes sell the artwork, or give them as gifts to friends. If you made your own avatar, or if you purchased or were given one as a gift, I think you are justified to be miffed if someone else swipes yours to use as their avatar.

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    Normally avatars are either gotten off Google or are more original (like mine was made by Sila <3)

    The incident you are referring to was a bit special. The avatar in question was a pictured OWNED by someone on the site who doesn't want it to be used by just anyone. for the most part you can have just about anything.

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    The mind rembers a picture better than a name. When you post other members rember who's posts their reading by the avatar picture and assocate it with you and yore user name. The picture isint as important as not changeing often as that confuses readers.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Thanks to all those people who have contributed.... I now have more understanding and more reverence toward them.. I appreciate your knowledge base.. thanks.

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    I could't stand downloading an image from Google, or having another person drawing it for me (unless I asked for it).

    I like to draw (or edit) my own images even though they are not good, but it represents how I see myself, and what I would like to be.

    For example, the avatar I'm using right now, I edited the original image, and made it so it would be original.

    I have seen repeated avatars in occassions, but, I agree that everyone should have a distinct one.
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    It is generally a bad idea and illegal to just take a picture off the internet and use it as your avatar. All pictures someone drew or otherwise created are under the copyright of that person, so you have no legal right to use it without their permission but may actually be subject to being sued over it.
    It's less of a problem if it's some publicly used character - say a Disney character - because no one has a special attachment to it. But specifically furries pay quite some cash to have a more or less famous artist draw their furry character in a special and personal way. Those custom-made avatars should never be used without the owner's permission, as the furry may well be attached to those pictures and would not want some random internet person using them as the representation of themselves on a forum - after all, that's what an avatar is.
    Imagine someone finding a picture of your grandfather in an army uniform on the net and using it on an anti-war internet forum for lots and lots of hateful posts. Surely, you wouldn't just shrug that off and just turn a blind eye, right?!

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