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Thread: New user looking to learn all about diapers

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    Default New user looking to learn all about diapers

    Hi everybody,

    I am a software engineer from the Worcester, MA area. I just bought my first Harley last month, so that is currently the center of my universe. I also enjoy hiking, and being outdoors in general. When I'm not on the bike or in the woods, I tend to be either at the bar, on the computer (I'm officially addicted to Facebook), or watching TV. Family Guy is currently one of my favorites, and I find myself watching it all night almost every night.

    Over the last year or so I have started taking a strong interest in different aspents of bondage, humiliation, and other kink. My username comes from the fact that I have a thing for men in uniform (if that's not obvious), and I use the same name on Recon and Manhunt. I am looking to try everything at least once, while I discover what I do and don't like. Only recently has this led me into the realm of diaper play. As such, I just discovered this site today while looking up different things about diapers. I don't know if I will go the full AB route, but I do look forward to experimenting a bit.

    Since I joined while at work, I was able to read through the forums on my phone, bu wasn't able to type up a decent intro. As such, I have already discovered the marshmallow trick, and actually ran over to Target during my lunch to get some Depends and marshmallows. I tried it at work, then immediately left for home, but drove slow and on the back roads. By the time I got home, I was filling the diaper uncontrollably. I would call it a messy but interesting first experience. I now look forward to learning and trying other ideas.


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    Welcome to the site.....I think. You've written a good and complete introduction. You certainly will learn a lot about diapers on this site. We are first and foremost a support site. Beside our interests in diapers we discuss a wide scope of topics. Bondage is probably a small part of us but diapers, and regression is our forte.

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    If you can find it in that tangle of links at the top of the page, we have a wiki with tons of info.

    yea... the mellow trick.. Lol, its restricted acess to non-members, you can imagine why.

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    Hey Dan! Good to see another Masshole on here!

    I can certainly sympathize with the Family Guy and Facebook addictions. Way too much of my time goes into that mumbo jumbo... Now throw in Instant Messaging and you've completed the perfect trifecta! I take it your the type of randomly plucks the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms?

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