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    Hi Folks,

    Found this site recently and just joined today.

    Not sure what to say so will talk about the obvious I suppose. Of course as with everyone else, my life has a lot more to it than just this lifestyle.

    Been a DL since about I can remember (age 4) but only started wearing them at about age 30 (am now 40). Been a crossdresser since teen years, think somehow that I compensated somehow wearing women's clothes to cover up for the fact that I couldn't wear diapers. Been exploring chastity lately but sometimes I think its a bit hard with the stimulation of diapers. I would probably go 24/7 or near to it if not for work, wife, kids, etc... Have a lot of time around the house now and spend a lot of it in diapers while wife at work. The kids are getting older though and I imagine things will have to slow down a bit as I am not sure how to tell them about such things. My wife knows and is understanding but not really into it (it frankly turns her off). Looking to maybe get to know some folks and discuss this much misunderstood lifestyle.

    peace, PIP

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    Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll find that we are a very accepting community. Snoop around a bit. Explore through the different forums. You should be able to find something fitting for you. ;]

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