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Thread: Ouch!!! Ouchie!!! OWWWW!!!!

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    Default Ouch!!! Ouchie!!! OWWWW!!!!

    Take several diapers. Wear them on nice, hot days as you walk around outside, go to the car show, do yard work, work in the garden, walk the dog, or other activities like that. Get sweaty under the diaper.

    Now, mix in being wet and not able to change right away.

    This recipe makes one (1) bad case of diaper rash breakout, extra painful.

    I've already gone through a good portion of a tube of Desitin covering my diaper area (it's ALL over), though it is getting better quickly with the liberal use of the diaper rash cream. Maybe it's time to start using baby powder to keep me drier through the day?

    How many others are running into rash trouble as summertime rolls around and the weather warms up? Being in a wet diaper isn't a good thing for a length of time, if it's messy, you'll be in real trouble really fast if you don't clean up well.

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    Can't say I've had this problem yet...

    And I try to avoid yard work, garden tending, and walking the dog as much as possible. ;]

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    I found doing a mix of antibacterial cream/ointment & lomotrin knocks out the rash with in a day or 2. part of the rash is coming from fungus & wont heal quickly with just diaper rash cream.
    I use a ton of powder both talc & cornstarch & get changed & take breaks (if possible) from waring when it gets real hot & humid.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Ouchies! *hugs* it'll be over soon, even though it'll probably feel like forever

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    been there. done that. got the lousy t-shirt...

    seriously having to wear 24/7/365 will eventually force just about anyone to make good acquaintance with the diaper rash.

    Lessons learned? Change more often, wear thinner diapers (less "insulative" material = less heat), clean well when changing, use powder or creams, get your skin some breathing time if possible, maybe change to cloth-backed diapers (I know the "main part" is still sub-coated with plastic-sheet, but the side-panels are just the cloth-thing and thus the diaper is a lot more breathable at least there....
    haven't had a major rash for some years now-...

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    I haven't had that problem, but I do put on a layer of Desitin (even though there's no rash) before diapering up if I'm going to be wearing for a long time. Preventative measures.

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    Eh, yeah.
    I encountered this problem nearly two summers back. Though I take care to be EXTRA cautious (going to the head even when I don't think/really need to go, to stay on 'E' as much as possible), wear the lightest diapers I can get away with and still do the job if an accident happens, AND changing frequently, just to stay dry as possible, I STILL developed a rash. Nothing over the counter worked, and I finally had to resort to going to see a Dr..
    That's when I learned that even men can have a yeast infection! ::dramatic flaying of arms in exasperation!::
    Oh, the horror!
    heh heh heh
    Really, she prescribed two pills, taken together, then in a week, I took another. Rash cured!
    But now that I know I can get the darn thing, I keep a sharper eye on the situation. Is MUCH easier to kick-down if caught fast, rather than allowed to run rampant for a couple weeks!

    I used to really enjoy the summer.

    Not-so-much, anymore!


    Ah well, such it life!


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    lol flailing arms.

    I got my first diaper rash out of my infant years a few weeks ago in walking the streets in Texas heat. I did the whole diapers in public thing and even had some fun at a park. But next day I felt the tell-tale hot soreness in the down there area and I toughed it out like any diapered man should. (macho flex). lol it sucked but I only wore for that day so it went away on it's own the day after. It must be difficult going 24/7. How do you excercise?

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    My first diaper rash I remember is when I was 9 and I still wet the bed, I didn't take off the diaper until 12:00... I woke around 8:30.

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    I have also experainced more diaper rashes and chaffing issues in the summer then in the rest of the year.

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