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    Bambino Vs. Abena Xplus

    i been wearing for a while now... and really think i want to try the bambino finally ...

    i was wondering whats the builk compared to - like witch abena diaper?


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    Well the Abena is thicker while dry, Abena uses more wood pulp if not completely in their diapers. While they can absorb a lot they won't swell much at all when wet.

    Bambino on the other hand is still quite thick while dry, more crinkly, better tapes, also swells a lot when wet.

    So it depends on if you like to wet it or not.

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    i need a better diaper for pulbic wearing... right now i wear the Abena - but not the super - and i go "alot" but i dont need a diaper that going to be totally noticable all the time... lol...

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    Well your question was with Abena X-Plus vs Bambino, so I gave you those. If you are looking for something discreet, you're in the wrong market. Tena Supers are a good diaper, they aren't as thick, they are cloth backed, and they can hold way more than a Depend. Besides, you're the only one that knows you are wearing them. Pretty much everything is gonna create a bulge or bulk up when you wet and you yourself will notice. If you walk around with 5 diapers on at once then, it's your fault. Basically any store brand diaper is cloth backed these days. Depends are not.

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    As said above Abena x-plus is thicker and stiffer dry.

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    abina xplus L4 is their thickest that abina makes and i think is better than bambino they are thick before use and hold more than bambino and they to get very thick the more you wet them. i also use there biggest diaper doubler pad with it at bed time and between the two you waddle when you walk with no choice but to walk that way. LOL

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