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Thread: Plastic Pant owners, I need help

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    Default Plastic Pant owners, I need help

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted. Pretty much just been stopping by and poking my head in every now and then.

    I've got a quick question that i haven't been able to find answered by google. Crazy, right?

    I have two pairs of plastic pants. One snap-on, one pull-up.

    Both are my normal size waist per advertisement. However, upon putting them on, they are MUCH bigger. My goal is to have them just cover the top of the diaper by an inch tops, and leggings as well. Instead, unless i pull the plastic into the waist of the diaper the leggings and the top go way too far. The waist can go to my belly button if I wore them all the way up. Maybe even a little further. If I wear them down, the extra room makes me look 'poofy' - and thus being indiscreet. Since I wear for need, that's not what I want.

    Does anyone have experience in this? Is there a way to make them a better fit, by shrinking or by cutting? Do I 'have' to re-order and spend another 20$ on a size lower?

    Thanks for any advice!

    Edit: Here is a link to the snap-ons. This is how they should fit, isn't it?

    I know that's obvious modeling for a perfect fit, but that's gotta be how they're intended to fit..

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    Actually, that modeling is more for a "model" tight fit than a realistic plastic pant fit.

    Plastic pants are designed to fit over bulky cloth diapers, and are generally cut quite full. Worn over disposables, you might need a size smaller... or you might need to find a brand that's cut differently.

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    So my only option is to buy a size smaller? No do-it yourself fixes?

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    If you're handy with a sewing machine, well those look like the waistband, etc, have been sewed (instead of welded)...
    in that case you could, with some effort and minimal skill actually shorten the top or modify it any other way...

    what you'd need is a good sewing machine and a teflon (PTFE) coated foot and plastic lower transport-feed....

    if you don't have a sewing machine, the rest of the equipment and the skill to do it, well you're doomed.... find another brand / type which will fit.

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    All i can tell you is that as you move, you're going to want that extra slack on both sides, which is why the pants are big. Plastic can't stretch like regular underpants so you need a larger surface area. Unless you're wearing a sheer swimsuit or the like, they'll compress and discretion isn't going to be a big problem. The leaks you could easily get from a tighter pair would be much less discreet than any slight puffiness.

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    I would buy a smaller size, plastic pants are supposed to be big enough to accomidate bulky diapers.

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    Try using a heat gun or blow dryer and very quickly moving it over them, it might shrink down a size.

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    firstly, i doubt that the diaper in the pic would practicably hold more than a half a cup without urine squishing about or squirting out of the legs. secondly, while a snugger fitting pant reduces pooling between the legs, there's no escaping the fact that trads need to be bulky by the nature of how they work. usually, i prefer to buy a placky-pant a size, or more, up from my normal, then at least you have the option of adapting down to whatever size you need. enclosed elastics are best for a quick fix as you can unpick the stitching a little and tighten the elastic to fit. then just re-stitch.

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    I have the same pair of plastic pants from Amazon as you. Mine fit fine, and I have a 30 - 32 inch waste. I buy size small and am very satisfied with the fit. I hope that helps.

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    I too like my plastic pant to fit snugly instead of poofy. The sizing varies greatly by manufacturer. You will have to order a few pants from different manufacturers until you find what you like. I have a 34" waist and I like Suprima pants in size small, though they are still quite poofy. I get my AMASS pants from in size medium and they are quite snug. A warning: Wearing snug plastic panties shortens their usable life as they tend to separate at the seam.

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