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    I have been reading adisc intermittently over the past year, and finally decided to join. I am from Ohio, and would consider myself a mostly straight male *B/DL. I have had a fascination with diapers since I was maybe 10, and I finally began to understand recognize this at 13. (Both numbers are estimates.) More recently, going to college has given me more freedom from my (helicopter) parents to do what I please.

    On other notes, I enjoy flying small RC aircraft. I stick to electric planes because they are cheaper and less work compared to the gas versions, but still fun to fly. This interest evolved from smaller rubber band powered planes when I was younger (anyone else play with those?), and then later from model rocketry.

    I play TF2 some, although less than I used to. Also, I love Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, although it has been a long time since I last played.

    I enjoy food, especially cheesecake, as you can probably tell from my username.

    I enjoy playing basketball, although I was never very good at it.


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    Hi, Cheesecake. That was a pretty good intro. Welcome to ADISC, I hope you have fun here.

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    Welcome Cheesecake!! NIce intro I am sure you will like it here

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    Hey Cheesy :3

    I have TF2, a friend snagged it for me when it was on sell for $2. However, i can't play it because, unfortunatly, my computer is an old sack of spaghetti and even attempting to display TF2's graphics is a million years beyond its capability -_-' ~shrug~ maybe i'll get a new one some day, lol

    Welcome and have fun.

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    Welcome ^_^ hope you feel welcome. Well yea XP .. I don't like the food cheesecake but you seem ok. I feel bad that you had to wait til collage to get to this point. If I didn't have the support of this website it would really suck.

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    Awesome! You are from Ohio and you like cheesecake. You are winner! Welcome!

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    welcome to ADISC!
    glad you got a nice, long "vacation" from the helecopter parents!

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    Woo! That was a great intro! Welcome to ADISC! Have a look around and get involved!

    We also have an IRC (which is a chatroom, if you didn't know ) where everyone hangs out and gets to know each other, so if you've got some spare time then head on in there


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