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    Default new little wolf cub

    hello all just wanted to post my intro

    Ive been a long time lurker here and recently decided to register so i can post and chat.
    just a little about me, I'm a little wolf cub (furry) and also a loving pet who loves cub things, i enjoy wearing nappies occasionally in private but occasionally do need them at night, my favorite one is the plastic backed abenas, well thats my intro i guess sits back and wags tail, now on to the forums

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    Hi, welcome to adisc.

    Another Wolf, eh? Plenty of wolf cubs here. (we may be running out of room :P)

    anyway, Care to post your non BDL related intrests? Play any games? Live in a paticular state? Fan of any Tv shows?

    It helps you find freinds who share intrests, and we want to know you as a (wolf) person, not just "that random Fur who wears diapers"

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    aww yea I know theres a lot of wolfs around. no need to worry about room though I'm not too big :P
    for other interest i love camping and walks (as a pet or just with friends) for games i like card games and FPS PC games. I'm currently stuck in the more wooded region of NY.
    for TV shows i know its not on anymore but I'm a big fan of reboot and all of the Stargate shows. for hobbies i like working with computers and electronics.
    in my spare time I like to grow plants and veggies and hang out with the furry and non furry friends. when the chance arrises i also like to shoot skeet in the backyard range

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    camping, cards, shooters, scifi, hang with friends, fire shotguns in the backyard,

    Wait, What? did that once with the scouts, grazed one birdie, and seriously injured my arm, was sore for a few weeks :|

    heh, anyway you should be able to find PLENTY of stargate fans to talk with. Belive me, its impossible to be the biggest geek here, someone always has you beat. *cough* competitive yo-gi-oh *cough*

    intro forum seems a bit slow today, sometimes the scale of your greeting depends on when you post it...

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    yay hai woof cub welcome to adisc
    More furries the merrier i say daww a wolfy cub i love all wolf cubs so adoreable :3 *wuff*
    cool interests i'll no doubt see you in the forums soon enough or possibly in irc *hugs*
    Ps im lil lion cub who loves wolfs

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    Hi woofcub, welcome. Always room for another furry little woofie.
    Hope to see you around the forums and IRC

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    ... i think i an safely say that we will soon have wolf PACK to deal with.

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