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Thread: openTTD - a server for adisc members?

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    Default openTTD - a server for adisc members?

    So, who here plays it? I've seen a few people mention it before. It's one of my favorite games ever.

    For those who don't play it, it's a Tycoon game, like many others, where you build a transport network. It's free and open source (completely now, you used to need to own TTD, the game it's based on, but that is no longer true). You can get it at the official website.

    You can build some sane:

    and not so sane:

    things with it. (Click for bigger versions)

    Of course, the masters of the insane are #openttdcoop. Just look at any of the pictures on this page: PublicServer:Archive - Hall of Fame - #openttdcoop Wiki.

    If enough people are interested, I might run a server for a game between adisc members on my VPS (either competitive, or something co-operative like #openttdcoop, but less insane, depending on what people want).
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    Ohhhhh!!! This looks like fun. I used to play RCT2 and RCT3 (Rollercoaster Tycoon), until I lost the disc. My faveorite was RCT2. It is very similar, but instead of transportation, it uses thrill rides.

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    I'm in to play on an adisc server I only play it in singleplayer at the moment.

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    I´m another one, who´s playing this. Last week. My imperium I can´t upload, seems that upload has been disabled.

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    Hex: You´re a still using default vehicles ? I found here a lot of fun: there´s a lot of material, vehicles, industry skins etc.

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    So, is anyone else apart from kevintje interested in joining an adisc server? I'll need another two people for it to be worth my while.

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    I can, but I have to know when. day 2nd of june I leave, so if it´ll be before.. So later we can cotact and do something.

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    I have been playing this for a time, but mostly without competition, and never multiplayer. I think it is a good idea, although at the moment I do not have time for it.

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