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Thread: Trying to NOT be a lurker!

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    Default Trying to NOT be a lurker!


    I am Gaby and discovered this site searching randomly about incontinence (thank you Google). I've been incontinent for as long as I can remember and discovered at some point that embracing it is way better than being ashamed.

    I tried a lot of baby stuff but mostly on my own and wouldn't mind finding a mommy or daddy at some point (in a adult/baby normal relationship, no sex involved).

    New to the whole thing but trying to learn more!

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    Welcome to the forums, Gaby!
    If you're interested in learning more about AB stuff than you came to the right place. I do advise you however, to be careful when seeking relationships online as this is not a dating site. Anyway, If you have any questions fell free to ask or just jump onto the IRC sometime. Just click the live chat button at the top of the site.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Enjoy your stay! Irc is where most of us hang out, click the webchat button up-top to join us.

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    not trying to be a lurker? , but us lurkers have all the fun (okay so I probably don't count but still xD) :P. Anyways welcome to site

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