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    Well, looks like there is already a guitar, sax player.

    My name is Landon and I'm from CANADA (not UK)
    I'm just a DL, have been since I can remember. Even since the troublesome daycare days of stealing from the little ones.

    I also play Guitar, Sax, and Sing. I can play a bit of piano and accordion, but hey this isn't a music forum!

    Thats really all it takes right? You just talk about stuff, say who you are, and that's an introduction? I feel like it's that thing where we all stand up and say something about ourselves and it goes around a circle, except then I get nervous and talk too much and keep rambling until someone else next in the circle starts talking because it's their turn but they don't know to because I'm still talk. I live on an island. =O

    I picked a smiley face for the post Icon, isn't that cute.

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    Don't be nervous, we don't bite...much.
    Wow, you sure can play a lot of instruments. Living on an Island, I bey you swim a lot. Outside of music and *B/DLism what other interests do you have?

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    I actually don't swim much at all. (Although I'm about to start having to a lot more). I used to live "ON THE MAINLAND" in the mountains, which is where I did most of my growing up, and just recently moved here. I was totally in awe of "BOATS" particularly sail boats and the harnessing of the wind. (Despite I hate water, or more so, are afraid of it) So I decided to face one fear to gain an interest and started sailing lessons last Wednesday. It was pretty wicked sweet. I definitely want to build a sailboat. -- Other interests? I suppose I like adventures and nature walks, exploring, I play a few video games here and there, I like to sit and think a lot, ponder stuff, I draw up lots of plans for "inventions". I'm always thinking of new ideas for stuff and how it should work, usually as necessity to a story I'm... thinking? For the past 7 or 8 years I've been "thinking" a story. I don't write it down because I can remember the whole thing, but when I walk or run anywhere I usually end up going off into that world and pondering. I like to know how stuff works so I usually have to "invent" something logical/plausible so it can be put into the story. -- That and diapers I guess. Ha. -- Oh I'm really into flight sims. I like space. =O

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    Wile in jail, the Spanish Author Miguel de Cervantes "thought" up his story and then, once out of jail he put it down on paper. It was titled Don Quixote, and it became the most influential peace of writing from the Spanish Golden Age. You should think about writing that story of yours down on paper, you could be the next Cervantes.

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    Haha...had to laugh about explaining yourself in a circle. Sounds like the first day in college orientation...ugh! Welcome to the site. I grew up on the water and had a couple of sail boats. I love sailing. It's always amazing to watch the wind push you across the water, especially when you're tacking.

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    Hah. So my sailing lesson went awful. -_- .. We were late, my friend and I, and one of the boats were broken so we were stuck with a BEGINNER BOAT (more so than the others), which the instructor told me would be fine because it was unflippable. Unfortunatly we had to wait for every other boat (420) to get rigged and launch before we could rig ours, and I was choaked about everyone else getting practice and us having to wait. Eventually we did get out, but we have a really bad teacher and he never really explained how to do much of anything. I was the skipper, Katie, my partner, was Crew. We got out. Moved around some. Found it difficult go keep a hand on the tiller while using two hands to pull the main in. I can't do it with one. Long story short, we flipped it, the unflippable boat, good op ocean water was freezing, got smacked up a bit and eventually got back to shore and had to go home early while the others did races and Learned. How discouraging.

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