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Thread: Is this a form of incontinence?

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    Question Is this a form of incontinence?

    i never feel my bladder filling up until the last second or till its too late i still have a few seconds to rush to the restroom but is this some formof incontinence??

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    Sounds like urge incontinence, you should talk to a doctor about it.

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    Do you have any neurological disorders like peripheral neuropathy.

    I have a disorder sarcoidosis with peripheral neuropathy and have the same problem.

    Diabetic or one of the other forms of neuropathy could do the same.

    Mine does not cause me any problem as when i became disabled with sarcodosis i had a excuse to wear 24/7/365 and have.

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    i am not diabled in any way and the only thing wrong with my nerves is that i canot feel pain in my forearms (useful in fights) but that probly means nothing and i cant see a doctor without my mom finding out

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    I dunno, that does all sound potentially neurological to me or it could be isolated to the bladder itself, but either way you do have a form of incontinence but the source is uncertain. I'd chance it with a doctor because facing your mom is probably gonna be less embarressing than public accidents.

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    One thing you should try to take note of is the surrounding circumstances around
    your symptoms, like is this only happening at night, is there any pain, did u drink slot of water...
    All these modifying factors can help your doctor find out what is going on. Hope it all works out good for you. Let us know

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    Quote Originally Posted by arclord View Post
    the only thing wrong with my nerves is that i canot feel pain in my forearms (useful in fights)
    Pain is pretty useful. Don't damage yourself.

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    Talk to your parents, see a doctor!!!

    as cool as you think feeling no frickin' pain in your forearms might be - it's not.
    pain is a sensory reaction to injury / possible injury and serves a darn good purpose....

    your problem could be either urge incontinence or just what is called an overactive bladder (the later being easily treated with simple, quite low-risk, meds or even natural cures...)...
    urge incontinence can stem from many different "problems"....
    Not sure if it is in any way related to your non-pain-arms but it very well could be a sign of some sort of nerve demage / neurological issue.

    Important: BELIEVE ME if I say, that actually having to wear diaper 24/7/365 is not COOL at all... actually if I could do anything non-lethal, non-problematic to be out of them or only in diapers when it's my own damn choice, I wouldn't hesitate a second.

    IMPORTANT 2: TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!!! this is not a joke, it's not about diapers or AB/TB/DL whatever... it's a medical problem and you would be well advised to get professional help.
    there's nothing to be ashamed of... but PLEASE see a doc about this.
    if your parents love you, they will support you....

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    You don't explicitly say, but from context it sounds like this is a new problem you're encountering (the lack of pain sensation in your forearms being a chronic issue). In which case, I'm with ericd on this. It's not something you should be embarrassed to tell your parents about; you need to get it diagnosed and if applicable, fixed. Especially in light of existing neuropathy elsewhere in your body.

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