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Thread: Ninjas or pirates?

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    Default Ninjas or pirates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    Ninjas are better.
    I've had this argument with two of my lecturers...

    Which would you rather be?
    or which do you think are more awesome?
    and why?

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    Ninja ^^
    be all like doin' acrobatics off your window seal, maybe im thinking an assasin... but you know whats truely badass? NINJAS WITH GUNS!!!! ^^

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    I wanna be all stealthy, able to hide anywhere and throw stuff with great accuracy.

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    pirate, I have lots of free movies and music :P

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    I can't be bothered trying to remember my funny (at least I thought so...) response to the last Ninja vs Pirate thread...
    So I'll just say...

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    ****ing ninja!

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    Ninja (which is infinitely cooler than a thief who sails around, robbing innocent ships).

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