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Thread: GoodNites XL

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    Default GoodNites XL

    WHY did the XL size get merged with the L???

    I just bought some vintage XL GoodNites from about 2002, and they're a perfect fit. (At about 4.50 for each pant it was a serious splurge though!)

    I just can't understand how they could relabel a smaller size as XL, and with people being bigger than they used to be why the bigger pants stopped being made...

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    Shelf space I assume. When they went from 3 sizes down to two they split the genders.

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    I assume by combining the sizes, the made the pants slightly larger (or slightly stretchier). Just an assumption, of course.

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    They did? They're obviously gonna be losing some business, and with their shitty products I really couldn't care less. :P

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    Who knows. Maybe some big ceo just went. Ok guys stop making XL... Bam done.

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    Are you serious?! They're not as big now? And I never got a chance to try them... guess I should probably just abandon that idea. No point if they don't fit. Dumb ass corporations!

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    It's all about money, maybe not at first but it always end up like that. At first, good products at reasonable prices. Then there all like "How can we make this cheaper to produce?" and then they compromise quality with price. If they cared that much (but I'm sure they still do to some extent) they would make higher quality products. Even the high quality producers do it, their products can still be top of the line and stuff but they find ways to cut production costs.

    Now if there development team (or whatever) was composed of bedwetters, things would be different...

    All in all, the changes you see are saving the company money. I mean see the appeal of 'why make some when you can make lots' but you gotta think about the consumer man!

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    I agree, the old XL size was bigger than the L/XL that is produced now. It had a higher rise and was thicker, too. I found a few packages of the original (not trim-fit) XL Goodnites in a supermarket just a few months before the printed GN were about to be released... just when I find a decent pull-up, they get discontinued *grumble*

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    It's probably because I wanted them! Not really, but it sure feels that way. Why? It's because I can't have nice things.

    I wonder how many get Goodnites all the time and will be pissed off over this?

    I'm surprised more people aren't coming to this topic to complain. This size-change-thing seems like something that would just create outrage around here.

    Errr.... hold on! 2002?! How did I miss that?! I have overreacted a bit.
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