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Thread: When "accidental" racism turns funny

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    Smile When "accidental" racism turns funny

    Okay, I know that serious biggotry and racism is totally immoral, not funny, and generally not the gentlemanly way to get things done, but I saw this guy on YouTube dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit as some kind of mis-guided protest about people who wear "hoodies" (i.e. hooded tracksuit tops) and I couldn't stop laughing.

    The only reason it's funny is because... well... it seems that the guy isn't actually racist or biggotted at all... he's just very bad at trying to make a point. Very, very bad. And very, very funny.

    YouTube - Ignorant local politician dons KKK costume

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    Hahahahaha! I am totally NOT racist. That costume is rediculous!!! Soooooo funny. (NOT LAUGHING WITH HIM, LAUGHING AT HIM) Honestly, I don't even know why ANYONE even gave this guy the time of day. I'd just write him off as a nutjob/dumbass and be on my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadestar View Post
    Wow. He seriously did that... OMG.
    Well, it was his birthday...

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    Hahahahaha. Sorry I just need to laugh at that. I kinda stopped watching at the point where they interview him XP

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    They see me trollin'
    They hatin'

    That was funny as hell, but the guy can burn for all I care.
    Hoodies rock.

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    I'm surprised New Zealanders (Zealandese?) even know what the KKK is.

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