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Thread: Perfect game stolen by a blown call

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    Default Perfect game stolen by a blown call

    Yesterday, Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Unfortunately, Jim Joyce disagreed.

    (sorry about the talking heads. it seems that MLB doesn't take kindly to people posting aired segments on youtube : \ )

    To put this in perspective, more people have orbited the moon than thrown perfect games. In 140 plus years of professional baseball in the United States, only 20 perfect games have been thrown. To throw a perfect game is the ultimate feat in Baseball.

    This perfect game would have been the first in the 106 year history of the Detroit Tigers. It should have been. But it wasn't do to a horrible call. Easily (considering the historical implications) the worst call in the history of Baseball.

    So, just thought I'd post my thoughts. Surely I can't be the only baseball fan here who's rather upset at this event.

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    That's a raw deal for sure. =(

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    I feel so bad for Gallaraga especially since that would have been the first in Tigers history, the third of the season, and a perfect feat for a guy who started in AA only the week before. The only thing though that I have to agree is in the decision today for Bud Selig to not overturn the decision since that would just alter the rules for games that break records especially with the circumstances that came in Game 6 in the 1985 World Series that cost the Cardinals the series winning game (would lose to the Royals in Game 7). Hopefully this can forever alter the rules of instant replay in the game and I just feel so disheartened for Gallaraga.

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    i think its harsh but the umpire was way out of position to call that one i think, to me it looked like the first base man (I think thats whats he called, i dont do baseball normaly) was right in his line of sight so yeah lets get some video refs in

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    Look, as much as it pains me to say this, it wouldn't have counted anyway... They were playing the Indians

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    The thing to take away from all of this is the bigger story that emerged in the aftermath of this unfortunate blown call: one of class and sportsmanship. Galarraga displayed unbelievable restraint in his response to the call, and then his attitude afterwards was simply unbelievable. Furthermore, the umpire's admission of his error and his subsequent apology to Galarraga shows a lot of character and class in him as well. It's unfortunate that all of this happened, but it is amazing to see how these two individuals handled a difficult situation. Kudos to both of them.

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    Saw this on Wednesday night and was shocked. I had seen some of it while working on the TVs at work, but was more interested i doing my job so I could get out. I feel bad for the kid. This would have been the first time we've seen three perfectos in one year. NEVER seen that before.


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    I just feel bad that I actually see a territorial Indians fan feeling bad for them.

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