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    Default Hi there!

    Hi everyone, I'm Amy and I live in the UK! =)

    I'm mostly a DL... I think anyway, I'm not even sure! I'm new to this, I THOUGHT I was just weird, you have no idea how refreshing it is to find a site with nice, noral folk like you haha - A lot of other sites havn't really helped me feel "normal" haha.

    My main interests are music (I love live music especially and got to a lot of shows) movies, and History. xD I'm quite a geek and I've always have been, and I enjoy intelligent conversation. m

    I'm really quite friendly and I love to chat, so I'm looking forward to hopefully spending some of my free time on this website! =)

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    Ooh another UKer =D

    There are loads of geeks here. Pop into the IRC =)

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    Hi Amy, and welcome to ADISC.

    I hope you can spend some time here and realise we're all (quite) normal. We've all been though the position before of thinking we're odd, and I'm sure we've all come across sites with questionable content on the way here. Don't even mention the D-word here (I'm talking about a site, not what the Americans call a nappy.)

    Would you mind saying whereabouts you come from in the UK?, not a specific location, just a general area e.g. the south east. There are many UK members on here, and you'll find plenty who are willing to chat once we've got to know you a bit better, for now if you want to, jump into the IRC.

    Enjoy your time here

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    Horay for the UK! Welcome Amy, Hope you enjoy it here. What kind of music are you into? Going to any festivals this year?

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