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Thread: Rats Laugh (not a joke)

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    Rats laugh video
    ABC News Story

    You encounter the strangest things online!
    As often as we attribute human traits to animals we also tend to discount certain base instincts as being human. How much of humanity exists in base species? Allow me to rephrase for clarity. How much of what we attribute to being human exists in nature unobserved? Laughter, fun, and joy, are these things that a rat can enjoy while it takes being human to truly despise ones existence?

    No I'm not depressed, nor are these thoughts chemically induced. The truly frightening thing is that this is the way my mind works sober. Beyond the questions I'll leave any further discussion to you. I believe you would find my further reflection and subsequent answers to be much less fanciful and perhaps quite boring and slanted toward Christian fundamentalism.

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