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Thread: my names random

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    Default my names random

    my names random and I joined this website after I was on another website fourm

    How is everyone?

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    Hmm... why'd you leave the chat room?
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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC random person! Care to tell us a little bit about yourself such as hobbies, interests, or other strange stuff like DIY tips or cake recipes. I guess to answer your question I will say I am doing fantastically well!

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    Not really the thing to post on an intro, Zephypup!

    Welcome to ADISC randomperson9

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    Quote Originally Posted by hal0ispwnd View Post
    Not really the thing to post on an intro, Zephypup!

    Welcome to ADISC randomperson9

    And I put that because they are new and entered the chat room without talking. This way they know
    1) They were in the right chat room; and
    2) Someone noticed them

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    Hmmm, your name might be random, but at least you don't need one!..... All right that joke was corny you caught me.

    Welcome to adisc Random! Hope you enjoy the forums (Which have just gone through a shick new upgrade) and make your "random" name become known!

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    Welcome, Random!

    Hope you enjoy your awesome stay here in this wondrous place known as ADISC.

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