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Thread: best store diaper?

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    Default best store diaper?

    what is the best diapers i could get in a store?
    i enjoy somthing thick absorbant but also cheap

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    Don't know about US, but in Ont Tena (Ultra and Super) would have to be about the best store bought diaper that I have found so far.

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    well the best i ahve been ablr to find in stores round me is walgreens certainty

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    Depends are the most common.

    About absorbency and price? I've got not the slightest clue.
    But check them out, at least. They're the most well known.

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    Find a local independent pharmacy — a lot of them stock Attends. They aren't nearly as good as they used to be, but they're 10x better than the useless excuse for a diaper they call Depends.

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    Molicare Super Plus would be the best I've found in a store but I had to go a bit out of my way to locate them. Tena Super were also pretty good aside from cloth covers. The price was certainly right. I'll stick with online ordering for quality and Depends for cheap impulse buys at the store.

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    not a fan of store diapers at all. however - in 1999-2000 (when i find a good diaper i remember, lol) there was a medicine shoppe store and their store brand of diaper was actually decent - thicker than depends, padding up to the small of the back, and the size actually fit what the package claimed. they stopped carrying the diaper about a year after i discovered them. ironic that i couldn't find that diaper elsewhere as the store was not likely the manufacturer. perhaps the manufacturer went out of business?

    anyway - it ultimately had a silver lining as it provoked me to start ordering diapers online. there is no comparison between any store bought diapers and the ones you can order online (excluding the rare supply store that sells the same brands that are typically ordered online). i almost exclusively wear abena and they are infinitely better than the stock store diapers. once the bar is raised there is no going back, lol

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