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Thread: macdonalds is now trying to attract gays, interesting

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    It seems a little odd, but I guess I'd say they deserve some lets see them get the balls to run a similar one here in the U.S.

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    "come as you are" ......? WHAT...? i...i...dont get it...whats that got to do with all????


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    Call me cynical but a company the size of McDonalds would only act in a way that is "commercially viable". I guess they've done their sums and worked out that the positive sentiment they would get from being gay-friendly vastly outweighs any homophobic boycotts that may occur. Even the right-wing tabloids aren't homophobic anymore (in the UK at least) so I guess it was seen as a "safe bet".

    So... I wouldn't say that McDonalds deserve any applause at all. It's an advert, and here we are talking about it. I haven't set foot in McDonalds in years and wouldn't normally think about them, so I guess the advertising agency ought to be congratulated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebine View Post
    What the hell?

    You're kidding me, right?
    Why? What's wrong with that?

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    How... silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hal0ispwnd View Post
    They make money any way they can I guess...
    Yeah, that's how the economy works...

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