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    Heyheyhey, I'm obviously new here, been here about two days just lurkin' about, and decided to finally introduce myself.

    I originally joined to post my story (The Synercorp Plan. I know you wanna go and read it in the stories in progress forum!) Lol but so far no one really likes it.

    Still, I decided y'all seem like a cool bunch, so I'll at least be mildly active in the forums.

    I'm 19 years old, and I'm about to start school at my local community college. (starting so late because I made a whole slew of dumb decisions after graduating high school) I'm excited as all hell, though. I plan on transferring to a university asap. I wanna be an architect.

    I only wear occasionally, it's been a few months. I do however have a few lonely goodnites in my closet. (I also have an old one that I zipped in an old suitcase and somehow keep forgetting to take it to the trash when no one's in the house. It probably smells like 10 dead babies by now)

    Also, this sit is lacking in gay citizens. But what you lack in gay citizens I will make up for as a SUPER gay citizen. Just kidding. But only sort of. I also frequent dl-boy and and have picture accounts on both sites. Idk if anyone here knows those sites, but I'm pretty sure they must. (the gallery on this site is fucked up beyond all recognition, and as such I will not be adding my picture to it...)

    I share the mutual dislike of deeker, but was surprised to see the number of stories centered around young (pre)/teenagers...Just because it's well written doesn't make it any more morally agreeable...Just saying.

    Wow this was way too long of an introduction but...


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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here on this site! I like your concise and informative intro. I am bi myself, but just so you know we do have a high LGBT membership here especially in the IRC which I have dubbed myself "ADISC's gay bar". It is a great way to meet the talkative freaks here like myself. And appreciate the fact that you also hate Deeker, but as a heads up we also don't like to start conversations about Deeker at all.

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    I don't know about Deeker, But Bieber is a fag.

    Welcome to ADISC by the way!

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