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Thread: What song lyrics are stuck in your head right now?

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    Default What song lyrics are stuck in your head right now?

    I've got these lyrics stuck in my head, and it sounded like a great thread idea. So, what song lyrics are stuck in your head right now??

    As for me: "If you drink, don't drive, do the Watermelon Crawl." It's a country song, and the "Watermelon Crawl" is a dance.
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    Insolent boy, this slave of fashion,
    Basking in your glory!
    Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor,
    Sharing in my triumph!

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    Dear sister (or whatever)... from that damn Dear Sister gun in Gmod. My friend played it about a hundred times while on a skype call, drove me nuts. I was actually considering liking that song, I really was... now... HELL NO!! I can still hear it, it just keeps playing in my head over and over and over *blows head off*

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    I'm a creep.
    Nobody loves me.
    What the hell am I doing here?!?!...

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    The Bad Company Remake by Five Finger Death Punch and then I also have a song by avenged sevenfold called nightmare.

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    Right now not, but sometimes: Keep talking by Pink Floyd and something by Nightwish, but canīt remember.

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    Donovan's "Try and Catch the Wind". I've been playing around with my CDs, and well, there it is.

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    None, but you're now humming "The Final Countdown."

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    "No more...
    It's over...
    I'm onto you,
    your evil game,
    the tables have turned...
    I'm taking back my soul"
    Taking Back My Soul, by Archenemy

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