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    Smile Hi

    Thought I just would stop with the lurking and just make a profile and start posting already. Its kinda hard to find a decent AB/DL community onlines these day and this one seems like a nice home for me! I've been long into the AB/DL scene for years but I never really settled down on a site until now.

    I've always had some bladder control problems and currently am in diapers 24/7. I live with my girlfriend of many years to whom I baby and care for. I am mostly a DL while she is AB/DL. There are some other kinks and fetishes we explore but thats another story.

    Furry? Thats been some brand new terroritory I've been treading so nothing quite yet on a fursona or anything. I am however sorta a pokemorph fan for the time being.

    I like listening to musics, drawing, writing (I hope to contribute some story stuffies) and just being outdoors. Also I am a major fangirl of anime and videogames so there is no depth of nerdom that I've yet to sink my teeth into.

    Anyways I better get working on stories and hope to post soons!

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    lol, Love the location. I was like "why does mt. moon ring a bell when mentioning Pokemon??" and then it hit me. Had a case of the blonde :P.
    Do you ever find any lines in the AB/DL world that one will cross but the other won't?
    Do you listen to J-core, makina, electronic music in general?
    What does a pokemon do on their spare time in a pokeball?
    Check out the IRC when you have time. We stock less annoying members there... unlike myself.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site! Nice avatar of a crab you got there! But yeah I also advertise the IRC. You see a bunch of friendly characters there like myself and Kite.

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