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Thread: Shrek Forever After

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    Default Shrek Forever After

    My son and I went to see Shrek: Forever After. I believe I enjoyed it as much as he did. I believe this has great potential as a date movie, and maybe I just get a bit sentimental since I miss the married life but the true love theme touched me.

    I doubt I am alone in this but the times in my life that I've watched movies geared for children most often are when I took a child and when I was dating.

    Is it generational that we seek out those heartwarming tales in a budding romance or do you that are 15 and 16 go for A Nightmare on Elm Street as easily as a movie like Shrek?

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    I'm 21 and I'd go for Nightmare

    I'd only see shrek if someone else was paying.. dont get me wrong, they're good movies, just not up my alley (wow that sounds so wrong now)

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    I watched it today in 3D!!!! omg it ROCKED!.

    ^_^ ^_^ it was so awesomeeee...even my mom loved it...

    It was so funny and cool. I even think adults get more enjoyment than the kids

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    Yeah, we went to see it in 3D, which was nice, but $18.50 for two people to get into the movies is steep around here.

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    I plan to see it sometme thsi week or next once I get paid.

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    I just saw it last Friday with my older brother and younger sister.
    The movie was great.

    It seems to me that for that movie that was different than the others is that they exchanged some of the comedic quality for some more plot and storyline. i think it was a good choice in their area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Yeah, we went to see it in 3D, which was nice, but $18.50 for two people to get into the movies is steep around here.
    My local cinema: €9.50 per adult ticket. And that's not even considered dear (Of course, for that movie, despite a child ticket technically being for those aged less than 15, I could still get away with it)

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    Wait... I thought it was called "The Final Chapter"...? o .0;;

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    "The Final Chapter" is the tagline for commercials and such. I'm glad they added it, though, since I think Shrek is the satire equivalent of the Matrix trilogy: first one classic, second mediocre, third terrible at best. I'll probably end up seeing it on DVD or cable.

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    I want to see it! I saw Nightmare on Elm Street before Shrek was out, lol. My Mr. was gonna take me, but we didn't get finished dinner in time for the last showing, so we ended up seeing some romantic comedy instead. :P

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