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Thread: Just a little bit more unity...

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    Default Just a little bit more unity...

    I don't know that this is the correct place for this post, but I think it might be.


    I was reading around the forums here and seeing as I have only be a member for a few days of this particular community it really gave me some insight to the people here and some of their ideals. After reading a couple posts, I got on the thought of what bothered me the most about the AB/DL/TB community and the people involved. There is no unity amongst us. You find places like this, where there is a good base of people, which is awesome don't get me wrong but I always have wanted a more united place to really get to meet other people like myself. The question I am really asking myself is, what would it take? I mean there would be a lot of challenges but wouldn't the end result out weight the effort it would take.
    Anyways just wanted to get some opinions on it to go with mine.

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    It would take a lot more people and a lot more publishing of your real location. I tend to PM people who's location says they're from my general area and ask where they're living. It's weird and awkward, but it's always good to know there's others near. On Diaperspace, over 100 people say they're from within ~50 miles of me. But saying your real location would be important so you can be invited to a local meet. I suppose that's one big obstacle. ADISC is like TBN in the way that most of us know each other and we are in fact a community in that sense, which also means we are unified, I suppose.

    In other words, I'd take a lot more people close to each other and a lot more people saying their actual location.

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    One major thing I think it would take is guts to have a gathering or local meeting somewhere.
    Most people are too shy and they want to get together somewhere, and pulling it off is a whole other story.

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    Yeah, I also was kinda just saying unified on the internet, We are all so spread out across a variety of Websites that have such similar goals.

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    ADISC is exclusive, not inclusive, if you haven't noticed...

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    I had a rather bad experience with a meeting, maybe that was just me and being stupid. I have learned a lot since then but still makes me fret a little but. I realize though that keeping ADISC exclusive is important, I guess when I said creating unity, I ment unity of those that were of common interest and not of non-approved interest.

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    Well, I've been to a few fur meets and I think the difference between that and an ABDL meet is that being a furry isn't really that frouned upon. The bowling ally we go to is ok with people in costumes trying to bowl. It's fun, silly, and entertaining. With a AB/DL meet, that changes. If the general theme of the meet is known, no one would take us in. And if we did hide it, then what would be the point. We couldn't talk about it or expresses it without drawing negative attention. Furries draw attention, AB/DLs draw negative attention. That negativity makes it very hard for any such meeting from occuring.

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