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Thread: SCORE For Canadians Buying Diapers!

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    Default SCORE For Canadians Buying Diapers!

    Been exchanging emails with the guys at B4NS and ABUniverse, as well as Dry 24/7...

    Looks very positive that ABU will come to B4NS (Yay no more cross border crap!) and B4NS is looking into getting something going with Dry 24/7.

    Total score!

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    Forgive me for being american, but what the hell is B4NS?

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    Hehehe B4NS is a Canadian supplier that is AB/DL aware and seems to have exceptional service. They already stock Bambino and Abena etc, and would be nice to round it off with well... everything else lol.

    It's great for Canadians because normally if something is sent from the US it needs to have very detailed descriptions on the packing slips. (None of this "Health Products" junk). So it helps for privacy since there's no border inspection garbage, as well as exchange and duty and bladity blah blah...

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    Interesting... damn you innovative canadians!

    Does B4NS stand for something

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    Sebine, B4NS = Best For Nursing Supplies, fantastic service and people.

    That's great news juliancub, just went through my E-mail and found a similar response.

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    Just need to call the place "Diapers R Us" lol!

    I seriously hope they crack off something with ABU and DRY247 because then it would be THE one stop Canadian diaper shop! Hehehe!

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    That's pretty awesome for you folks up north, though I don't really have anything nice to say about ABU's products except that they look cute. And considering the fact that ABU is already ripping off Americans, I can't imagine the the price after it crosses the border, then B4NS has to make a profit too. But I was impressed with the Dry 24/7s, so yay for those.

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