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Thread: A Thank You Letter to ADISC

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    Default A Thank You Letter to ADISC

    I am not leaving ADISC or have any thoughts but wanted to clear some thoughts that were in my mind I guess.

    My personal activity as a TB/DL has been dwindling and rising in the almost two years that I have been on this site, but I know that at least it is an accepting part of me. When I came here in August of 2008, I was at the beginnings of realizing the scope of the complexities of infantilism and was searching on my PS3's web browser one day when I found this site. I lurked around for a couple of days and felt kind of attached to how supportive this community was. I didn't join until I was forced to by the crazy lurker notices (I find them useful now) and used the username that I used for the YouTube account that had my age altered so that I could see TB/DL videos without age restrictions (tk7432 came from there, not here). I never responded to my intro thread but I saw later the response for people here who showed a supportive feeling that they were welcoming me. Although I would not post much in my first few months (I was using a PS3 browser and an iPod touch) but when I became more and more comfortable here. When I received my first friend request from LilMex a couple of months down I realized more and more that this was a community rather than just a forum, to which I hold strong to by the 95 friends I have now and the 1000s who see my post numbers go up and up. Although I hold my post numbers high as a personal goal to one day surpass Pojo, I contribute a lot to this site because I feel that this site has given me so much insight and personal guidance it is the least that I could do for all the newbies that emerge from the doors each day. I accredit this site not only for helping me accept my TB/DL self but also my bisexual self. I thank this site for guiding me in one of the most strenuous quests in my life and allowing me to accept myself for who I am. So I am just going to get to the gritty self of this letter. First, I would like to thank Moo, who is in the background of making sure this site stays alive each and everyday. I thank Peachy, Charlie, Martin, Trevor, and Danny, who make sure this site is safe and control and maintain each and every aspect of this site. I thank all of my 95 friends, humans, puppies, foxes, and freaks alike who share similar interests and make my time here at ADISC enjoyable and in ecstasy. I am not trying to be a showoff, or a diva by making this topic. I am trying to be me and show all that this site has done, and for all the newbies that are here I hope you enjoy what this site has brought to you so far and if you are seeing this as a lurker, I strongly encourage you to sign up for this site because I am living proof along with the other 1000+ such members that this site is a close knit community that just keeps growing and is always there to embrace those who ask support for their *B/DL/Fur Lives. So, once again, I say thanks to this site and hopefully I will be here for years to come.


    PS: I know this could be a blog, but I wanted to put this somewhere that everybody has a chance to see it. Plus nobody sees the blogs that much. Not trying to show off here, and to all those who think that I am doing this to ink another post, read it again.

    Peace and Love

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    I'll raise my glass to that.
    I've been here for almost a half year and have no regrets. One of the things that get me thinking though is, if they didn't have the thing that stops you from browsing after looking through so many pages, would I be on theses forums today? Anyway, Congratulations on all that you have achieved through ADISC!

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    I hope I can have such success. Still trying to figure out how I can contribute with my limited knowledge.

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    What I love about our community is the way we all flame the newbies for not being up to our standards, and we keep those standards very high. No "mi momy daiprs me during da nite" BS, just real stories or made up ones, no in between and no fantasies...Totally chill community, and awesome gay bar/IRC room.

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    Holy wall of text! This stream of consciousness needs paragraph breaks, methinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Holy wall of text! This stream of consciousness needs paragraph breaks, methinks.
    NERD! Totally a nerd!!!

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