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Thread: Best game platform with Blu-ray?

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    Default Best game platform with Blu-ray?

    O.k., I'm not very up-to-date on game systems/platforms. The three I own are mostly collecting dust in their cabinet!

    But, I've been interested in making the leap for a blu-ray player, and can't help but think about the XBOX and PS3 systems that have that included in them.

    I'm also a bit curious about online play, as the main reason I don't enjoy the ones I have are the solo-player-only option I now live with. And, with the online options, what extra parts/upgrades do I need to consider? (Have a regular ole-DSL and PC right now)

    Just a general querry about people's thoughts on which one (XBOX/PS3) might serve me better? I'm all for quality/long-life, over mere price, in either the game or blu-ray components themselves.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!


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    Xbox doesn't have blu-ray included.

    There, easy choice now.

    Oh, and Xbox breaks if you look at it the wrong way.

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    Yep, if Blu-Ray is a necessity, the PS3 is your only choice.

    Excluding that criterion, however, I'd prefer a 360. The hardware reliability is a lot better than it used to be (yes, it was godawful for a few years), though possibly still worse than the PS3's (I'm not sure), Xbox Live is a lot better than PSN is, though, of course, you pay ~40/year for it, and I'm inclined to say that the game selection is better on the 360, too.

    I'm a little biased, however, owning only a 360 (got a launch console, before the PS3 was even available; by the time the PS3 was released I'd built up a decent collection of 360 games and there are still only two or three games exclusive to the PS3 that I'd be interested in playing... I really have no way to justify the PS3's price for 2/3 games Also, I rip my Blu-Ray discs to H.264/AC3/MKV files which are stored on a central fileserver in the house so I don't have to cart the discs around everywhere, so have no need for a "real" Blu-Ray player - just one in my PC).

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    Ditto. The 360's stability has greatly improved with the newer hardware so I dunno if that argument is valid for the new 360s. I like the Xbox LIVE service better than Playstation Home and most people I know have a 360, so for multiplayer a 360 just makes sense, and you have the required components (cable/DSL internet is really all you need). If ya gotta get that blu-ray go for the PS3, but side-by-side quality comparisons have shown that blu-ray players have a better picture quality than the PS3 playing the same movie on the same TV. Consider that if you want to actually get blu-ray quality you need a TV that can do 1080p and connects to your console via an HDMI cable (any 1080p TV should have an HDMI hookup). If your TV isn't truly HD ready you won't get much extra benefit from blu-ray.

    If you really want the blu-ray player get the PS3
    If you want a console with a really good user interface(preference I guess, I like the 360's over the PS3's) and great multiplayer support get the 360. There's also more 360 exclusives I personally wanna play over PS3 exclusives, but you may wanna do some research as to which console has the exclusives you wanna play the most.

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    xbox360 has better frame-rate.(free range?)
    Xbox has more game-play. IMHO

    computer your going to be spending about 850-900$+ on If you wanna play on high graphics. You need a Router/thing too. You need 1 good graphics card. You need a 4core PC for a few current and future games/emulators. 4-8GB of ram.
    (Go AMD it cheaper. And you can use navidia with it but you need to watch the mobo.)
    Though it depends on the games you want to play with what you need.

    PS3 has many cool games. You can do stuff with it. It's framrate is caped at 60

    Then factor in the games, and controllers, addon's and stuff.

    Can you afford it?

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    Thanks muchlies, for the replies!

    Taking it all to heart.


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    as stated before, the PS3 is the only current gen player on the Bluray market

    online play on the ps3 is free, just as Valve's steam service for pc and mac

    only thing with online play is, is that you'd need at least something of a 512k up at minimum for a decent online experience,
    even though i'd advice a 1mbit up, or more as a more realistic statement what accounts upspeed
    (and yes, transatlantic matches will always have some lag inbetween, (due to the fact that signals travel at the speed of light, and even light takes some time to travel around the globe))

    what accounts the Quality of the Product, you'd prolly be best off with a ps3
    mainly due to the fakt that you can exchange the harddrive of the ps3 with a bigger one, without voiding your warranty, (yes, a 120/250 gigs disk will be enough for a long while, but sometimes you want bigger...)
    the controllers have a rechargeable battery, which is neatly wrapped inside the controller, and powered by any general usbcable,
    for as long as it ends on some side in a mini plug, (and yeah, if you wanna play while its charging, you can daisychain several extension cords in a row, and it will work (as tested by me))

    the wireless controller range (as tested by myself(claudybunni), and sir Damien_Demonic) is about ~15-25 metres

    for as far as the interface accounts, sony's XMB (Xcross Media Bar) is an awesome product (imo), just simplistic, and organized, without any need for leaning on the creativity of other japanese creators to gain more mass, also: skinnable and themeable,

    the PS3 also comes with a builtin wireless adapter, which can be pretty handy when you dont have a spare ethernet cable laying around, or when you got a wireless AP in range (whough, wireless does adds more lag in general)

    also : the ps3 store, stores psp games, which you can easily buy and upload to your psp using (yet again) a standard usbcable

    // also for reference, i bought my ps3 in conjuction with a hdtv, since i wanted a nextgen console, and a decent media/bluray player which also play games, i never really felt sorry about buying it, even if i mainly use it as a cheap and decent mediaplayer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucephalus View Post

    Thanks muchlies, for the replies!

    Taking it all to heart.


    you're welcome, though i hope my post is'nt too long, or too detail-ish :3

    /// e d i t 2 ///

    96th post (yes i like odd numbers)

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