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Thread: My Diaper

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    Default My Diaper

    This is a picture of my daiper that I made. Any comments on it is geatly apreciated. Also, help on knowing which martials are more absorbant, I was thinking of using a shamwow at one piont.

    Oh, and I know I havent shaved in a while, yup ew! hairy legs. Gotta shave soon hopefully.
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    For a homemade one it for sure does not look bad...

    but may I suggest: get the real thing...
    In the end it will cost you less, will not leak and will be serving it's purpose...

    I remember a couple of years ago when I somehow ran out of diapers over a prolonged holiday weekend (most stores closed)... as I wear 24/7 (need to... unfortunately) I usually have enough diapers around... but I was waiting for a large delivery which didn't make it in time and was running out... then I thought "tomorrow I'll have to go to a store and get a pack just to cover the gap"... unfortunately "tomorrow" was a public holiday and I had used up my last diaper...
    So I ended up making some "home made thing"...
    Well it sucked... I actually ended up using my sewing machine go stich a couple of bathroom towels and an old shower-curtain into a plastic pant and a few pairs of cloth diapers... it worked quite well.
    at least got me over the weekend.. and luckily on monday the late delivery finally arrived.
    (I don't like cloth diapers... they feel very wet once they're wet... the washing is a chore if you wear 24/7) and they're are bulky if they have to be somewhat absorbent...)

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    For a homemade one it for sure does not look bad...
    Thankyou, and I will see if I cant find a towel that nobody wants (one thats probably crappy condition, holes stains etc.)

    PS. can you tell that it is wet in the picture?

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    LOL, duct tape! I wont use duct tape, I sow stuff together.

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    I use one sheet of a trash bag, so i basically cut it....

    On second thought this is already turning out to be more complicated so i'll save it for a bigger post later.

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    terry cloth, flannel and baby cloth diapers are the best option. Towels are terrycloth, so a towel is a good bet. I would recommend a thin cotton fabric (pillowcase, maybe?) as an outer shell to the absorbent material
    You can buy baby cloth diapers at any department store, they have 12 per pack, you can stack them.
    as for flannel, any fabric store carries it

    as for a sham-wow DONT DO IT!!!! there are many chemicals in them, which will cause a rash, and they do not go through a washer well anyway.

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    I am in the process of sewing a cloth diaper. It has a fleece lining which has a pocket built into it to stuff more soaker pads into. I used old terry towels as soaker pads, flannel as the hourglass shape/exterior and when the stores open up on tuesday I will be getting some PUL to use as a waterproof cover. It works great right now, I just hate using garbage bags as plastic pants.

    Ericcd, I have found that using fleece in a cloth diaper helps IMMENSELY with that icky wet sensation. If you use a fleece layer as the layer touching your skin, it will wick away moisture and your skin will feel dry. I highly recommend it!

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    as for a sham-wow DONT DO IT!!!! there are many chemicals in them, which will cause a rash, and they do not go through a washer well anyway.
    I did my research on them, it is a definate no in the dryer.

    Thanks guys, i will definitaly see if I have any of these materials!

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