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Thread: Burnout in my car before I sold it....

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    Default Burnout in my car before I sold it....

    Turn up your sound, this is for all you car peoples on the forum, please comment.

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    Haha, nice! I thought it was going to explode or something towards the end

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    Nope, not explode, those enngines are bullet proof. Thanks for the comment, and others please comment, thanks.

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    lollollolllollollollollollollollollollollollolloll ol!!!!!!

    still cant believe you spent you $$ for some tires to turn to dust!

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    what did you sell it for?

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    Nice? Is it a sticky?

    And, won't that kinda, kill your engine?

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    Thanks for all the responses guys, some are pretty funny.
    1.Kams: Naw, the car isn't going to explode, sold it to my freind for a dollar and he is still driving it around. He is the one I bought it from originally.
    2.Tallest: The tires were cheap since I was working at a Tire Mart at the time, so I payed cost for them, besides the car was rearended and was wrecked, so I was selling it and wanted to get my money out of the car.
    3.Darkfinn, I bought the car for 800 bucks, it was a 97 ford aspire with only 80 K miles on it. I got rear ended, which bent the frame and totalled the car. Also, after like a hundred burnouts and off roading adventrues, somehow the front axle's started to go out. Pshh, thats Ford for you. So the reason I sold it was because the fram was bent, it needed 2 new axles for some reason and the tires were bald.
    4.Ballucanb: I showed the guy the video (after he bought it) and he just laughed and said "you beat the piss outta that little car". And I was like alittle and smiled. I have another video I should put up of me 4 wheeling in it. It actually did quite well. Awsome little car, those mazda engines go forever.

    Well thanks for everyones interest, that made my day.

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