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Thread: Star Wars turned 33

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    Default Star Wars turned 33

    Spike TV along with are celebrating with a fan video contest HERE.

    I haven't watched many and am a little apprehensive about the Anakin Dynamite.

    Which ones do you like?

    Which one makes you scream, "My God, I'll never get that five minutes of my life back!"

    So far this one is my favorite.

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    Now I am asking why didn't I think of this? ITS IN MY FREAKING USERNAME!!! But Happy Birthday to Star Wars, :cake: and hopefully the movie will inspire millions and millions more in the future.

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    Yeah one of these days I may actually watch star wars, but why waste a perfect record of not seeing a movie for over 30 years.

    I have lived this long without seeing it, and I don't think I really missed anything important.

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    yay i love star wars!

    heck i RP it

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    I saw the original when it came out in the theater 33 years ago. I remember thinking how long it took all that writing in the beginning to scroll by. The later movies had better special effects, but there was nothing like the original.

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    I saw the original Star Wars right after I graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp in Sept 1977. I have seen it a lot since then too and is one of my all time favorite movies. I also loved the sound track too and had it on Cassette until CDs came out in the mid to late 80s.

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