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Thread: Your Perfect Diaper.

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    Default Your Perfect Diaper.

    If you could a diaper designed to your specifications, how would it be?

    For me, It would a be a single tape disposable diaper, that has printed baseballs all over, no wetness indicator, plastic backed, very crinkly, front and rear waistband, could handle a full day of "potty".

    Cloth diapers count, too.
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    Filled with holes!


    Quote Originally Posted by Me, from the last thread we had like this
    Here's the deal. It feeds me and pays my bills (which are certainly going to... exist, someday), shoots fire out of the large barrels that are on the front, spawns tiny delicious snacks on command, and is INFINITELY ABSORBENT. It would be six inches in diameter and would never expand. It would morph into diaper-shaped gaming companions who have their own damn joysticks for once. It would be a radar for future collectibles and valuables, and radars, and would be the one to calculate the perfect time to pull the handle on slot machines and even pull it for me. It would have a mind-control ray and would give me the abilities to control said minds. It would give me the power to draw tunnels on walls and go through them but nobody else can, like the roadrunner. And last of all, it would come with the perfect life partner!

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    Nice question. The diaper should fit good and be thick. And no wetness indicator.

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    OMG Point. That's not a diaper... its... its... its a Psychobilly Freakout (tell me you got the joke. If not google it) Would you wear something that could do all that though? It doesn't sound too comfy XD

    BBFx: It may not have baseballs on it, but there is something similar to what you're wanting.
    ABU Cushies Diapers @

    And yes those are for adults and from what I hear, they hold very well. ^-^

    Now as for me: I'd want a diaper that could hold for an week without leaking, would be available in multiple colors, could be refastened no matter how many times you untape it, would look just like a baby diaper and smell like one always, and would sing a lulu bye when I pressed a button on the front of it.


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    ABU's horrible with shipping, though. Probably the only way to know you'll get your shipment is to live next door.

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    It would have the Slip Maxi's fit and comfort, the thickness, leakguards/waist band, and lack of wetness indicator like a Bambino and the scent and single tape of a Cushies diaper

    That would be mine :]

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    I just ordered a sample of Cuddlz, so I'm hoping that they are pretty close!

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    i myself have not worn diapers since i was a baby... I am looking for a bard i can wear for at least 16+ hours and are thin but can hold a lot of fluid ( i do not like messing a lot but something that can hold it if it happens :u) and can be worn around the house with sweet pants or shorts without fear of being discovered easily.

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    For me?
    - Cloth covered disposable diaper (I used to love the plastic covered ones, but as I have to wear 24/7 the cloth outer cover is just more comfortable)
    - six stretchy tapes with strong hook&loop... refastenable, almost noise-free (3 per side... in case one rips it's just better... also the fitting of diaper can be better adjusted)
    - Strong strech-side panels... I like 'em snug fitting...
    - Discrete (anatomicaly well shaped, good fit, not too thick)
    - absorbent enough to last a night full of heavy bedwetting or a full day)
    - Good odor control
    - NO CRINKLING SOUNDS please...

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    Well seeing how I'd be going for the whole baby appeal to it I would want one with cute designs on it(anything but barney), be thick enough to last a long time, and crinkles would be cute too. Single tapes would be nice but for someone my size I think 2 tapes on each side would have to do. Of course with one as thick as I'm thinking about it would be a diaper I only wear inside in private when I'm playing baby.

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