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    So just a story I thought I'd share. I posted a thread a LONG time ago, when I was a little more active, about a diaper that I found. Now, if you're to lazy to look at that thread, its basically a diaper I found in an ELEMENTARY school. Now, I finally got around to using an identical one, and much to my surprise, it supported a full wetting, and...more...o.O.

    Now...a diaper found in an elementary school? There must be some BIG kids down there...dannnng...

    Have a nice day/night everyone.

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    Cool story bro! Yeah. I find it suprising how a small molicare super doesn't leak and holds all I put into it, while the medium Molicare super plus leaks all over the fucking place. They really need waistbands. What idiot designs those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    What idiot designs those?
    Obviously an idiot who has never worn and used them

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    yeah the waistband was HORRIBLE, but I guess you can't have everything.

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