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Thread: This is a weird situation.

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    Default This is a weird situation.

    So I might be moving in with my friend and this girl whom I have had a crush on for at least three years, and she seems to like me too. She has a great sense of humor, she's extremely smart, and she has a passion for helping people. I think we would be really good roommates... I'm just petrified that the whole situation would screw up my chance of ever dating her. If we became girlfriend and boyfriend then that would make the situation bazaar. Especially with my friend living there. We're both single right now and if I dated her then we would be spending a lot of time together. In front of my friend, at our house... Both her parents and mine are also avid christians whom would be completely against it as well. We would pretty much have to keep all of it a secret. And you know how that'll work out... And not to mention break-ups or not getting together in the first place, and she being weirded out by me. :\

    If anybody has any ideas, please help me out...

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    I would take in pros and cons at this point

    What will happen if it doesn't work out?

    What if your friend wants her too but is also shy ect...

    First thing i do is ask your guy friend if its cool if you hook up with her ect... Then go from there...

    But im no expert on people/love...

    READ BELOW my post - hes right about that

    we share common things dude 0.0 Like e evryone here does...
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    mate, chill out

    if she likes you, and you like her, it's time for a wee little chat - privately

    honestly - One day your roommate will have a GF/BF/Whatever too... and that person will spend most likely a lot of time with him at his (yours) place ...
    as long as he's not also into wanting to date the same girl as you do, and both act like mature persons no problem on the horizon.

    Parents: screw them. sorry if this comes over harsh or rude, but hey kiddo, parents are just that, parents.
    It's not their lives, you are not their property and they have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to interfere with your choice of a partner (sexual or not). You're 20... I assume the girl is within the same age-range... depending on your countries laws you're considered an adult and are responsible for youself (or at latest when you're 21 depending on the location).
    Your parents might object or even refuse to accept your girlfriend (and their parents might hate you too)... they might completely disapprove of your decision... but just because they're some hardcore christians and not wanting you to have any intimate relationship with a girl (probably without marrying her first) it is not a law and the two of you are free to do what you guys like.

    I would not keep it secret, neither in front of the parents or your friend.
    Act grown up, and stand in for your own wishes, dreams, beliefs and human rights.

    Sorry, but it makes me always slightly angry if I read about people not going for a good thing, just because of their parents "moral standards".
    Then again, I'm not religious, have never been baptized or anything like that and wasn't raised with any religion around me... so it's easy to say for me.

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