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Thread: You Think Nothing Else Will Shock You....

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    Default You Think Nothing Else Will Shock You....

    .....and then, BAM!!!, an article like this hits the news and you're once again shocked beyond belief!

    This guy had to really be mentally off to do these things, not only to his own flesh and blood daughter, but also to his little grandchildren he himself fathered by her over the years. All going on in the same building where other relatives lived and no one apparently had any idea what was happening almost literally under their noses. This report really makes me feel sick.


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    It is truly hard for me to believe that no one knew about this living in the same house. A real detective needs to be on the case and let them all have it.

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    Ok. I'm going to be a broken record.
    Think nothing else will shock me? That does not shock me at all. What shocks me is that similar coinsurances that are continually happening aren't reported in our media. There are absolutely thousands of child prostitutes being locked underground in countries all around the world, mainly in Asia.
    "one million children in Asia including Thailand, Philippines, and India, have been sold to brothels or street pimps for sexual exploitation." According to UNICEF

    And yet we only focus on the ONE white person who has their liberty taken away in a developed country.

    What would shock me was if this stuff was stopped.

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    I've read it in the papers, and yes, it does shock me that some people can actually commit such hideous crimes. It is amazing at how we can proclaim to the entire world that we are clearly civilized, when our actions do not speak of it. Barely passable, in fact. We are marring the face of this earth, showing every other person in the world of our lesser nature.

    I am saddened, truly, that someone can do this to their own daughter. Your own daughter, who is part of you, created from you. I guess that the limit of humanity does not have boundaries and people are capable of doing anything.

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    "How is it possible that no one knew anything for 24 years?" asked Anita Fabian, a teacher in Amstetten. "This was not possible without accomplices."

    It would ONLY be possible WITHOUT accomplices. If you are committing a crime of any sort, the more people you are involved with, the bigger chance you have of someone getting "pinched" and "ratting" you out.

    In this case, this man had done this all by himself. That's probably why nobody found out about it, because this was a one man operation. The same thing happens with serial killers who wipe out 20-30 people over a period of 10-15 years...The victims have no motive other than sexual attraction (which makes it hard to place a suspect), and again, there is only one man in on it.

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    According to the article, Fritzl did act alone.. it says he "took care never to allow anyone near the cellar."

    This has been on my news to, but I can't say it's really surprising.. sick, yes, but not surprising.

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    The sad thing is this happens a lot more often than you think. I've heard stories of many "wild children" who are kept locked up... never toilet trained or educated... parents treat them like some sort of zoo exhibit.

    There's still plenty of backwards folk here in the south... especially if you get up into the mountains on some back road. Things aren't as calm and civilised as they appear.

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    It's a crazy world.
    It saddens me that I didn't find it shocking. When I heard about it I assumed "twenty-odd years" meant she was kept from birth to twenty-odd, and was one of those wild-children (like that 14(?) year old that was found in America).
    But she was 18 when she was captured so... I don't even know if that's worse or not. I wonder what her kids will be like, they probably got taught to walk and talk and stuff if they were with her, but they must live in strange world mentally now.

    There's so many bad things happening out there...

    Actually I'm surprised by how little I care about this story, I don't even feel sorry for her. I have no idea why either. I just feel annoyed.
    Why do people do bad things like this?

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    And of course there's the so called religious compound in Texas where girls are born, raised and then given to middle aged men to become their 13 yr. old wives. It's just a guise for pedophilia. And here the mothers of the girls were all complicit. If you saw them on t.v., you realize how spacey they were. I'm sure the authorities had a good idea as to what was going on, but until the phone call came, they didn't have probable cause to go in. Sometimes I just wonder about our country.

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