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    I was wondering what everyone thought about it.
    I personally support them, after everything I heard about Scientology. I'll try going to May 10th's protest, but I'll probably only watch what will happen. Unless I find a way to hide my face and the guts to do it.

    So what is your opinion towards the Church Of Scientology and Anonymous?

    If you don't know who they are, take a look at their message to the Co$.

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    Anonymous are mostly bad, but sometimes they just pull a stunt like this that has been getting a lot of attention. For once, I support them. Scientology tends to defy all sense and their track record isn't exactly the most humane. Of course, neither is Christianity or Islam, both of those religions have killed many people in the name of their God. But looking at the time and the context in which it happened - a God fearing society with little more than faith to own - it only seems.... normal that it all happened. Nowadays, authority is prevalent as well as established rules and laws which outline the ethics and morals in which we should follow in our day-to-day lives. It would appear that Scientology is taking these old faith techniques and bringing them into this new world.

    Scientology is a cult, simple as that. Just like any other established religion. It you have enough people who'll follow you, you can spew out anything and have them believe you. Needless to say, we've all seen where cults end up - Jonestown and Branch Davidians are just two prime example of what can happen. This isn't to say that more established religions will follow suit eventually - but beliefs like Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism, Islam, etc... have one thing that sets them apart from your typical cult: That the believers are not following one person, one leader, but rather a system of doctrines, the experiential, the belief that there is something waiting for them in the afterlife. These religions are not about self-power, but about faith. Faith that guides people to lead a good life.

    It sounds underhanded: be good in this life and you may just be rewarded in the next... if there is even a next. But, you must remember that the point of these religions isn't about worshipping their God(s)/Goddess(es), that comes second only to the concept of providing a guideline in which we should follow in order to live our lives morally and ethically righteous. The almighty figure is the thing that embodies everything and gives explanation to the way things are, but should only be worshipped when giving full respect to the teachings that have been offered.

    Scientology has skipped this process. They have based a system of beliefs off a science-fiction author.... A, Science-Fiction, Author. One who wrote about Boeing 747s delivering people to Earth, only to be destroyed and their souls forever wandering until new hosts came about. I'm sorry, I've read a lot of sci-fi in my time, and not only does that sound like the basis for a bad novel, but it's just as its name describes - Fiction. Made up. There to entertain, not to follow. Not that I should be judging, people are entitled to their own beliefs, but still... this is really about as far-fetched as it comes.

    As I mentioned previously, Scientology is a cult. From what I've heard, once you're a member, it's hard to leave. Cults have this way of doing it to. Keeping you alone, isolated and only in contact with other members of the cult ensures that they become your safety blanket and that you gaining their help is a sign that they can conform you. Attempting to leave will result in members consistently following and or harassing you. I'm sorry to say, but any "religion" that rejects the idea of members leaving and forces them to come back is not a religion, it's a cult.

    To further add on that, religions do not emphasise the monetary value of their operation, nor do they express to members that money should be a major part of the religion. Churches around the world pass around collection plates, have donation bins and boxes, have volunteer services. They promote the ideals of solidarity and self-worth through charity and help to those who are in need. Unlike Scientology, in which you do not progress to higher "OT Levels" unless you pay them huge wads of cash. Even from the onset of joining the cult, you have to pay a sum of money just to use an "E-Meter" so you can be "Audited" and see how bad your "Spiritual Issues" are.

    Put bluntly, it sounds like one, big, expensive crock of shit. With a basis in science-fiction, cult-like activities and having to pay money to progress in it sounds more like a brainwashing money-grab if I ever heard one. In relation to Anonymous, I support and share their resent and protest of Scientology. My personal belief on the matter is that Scientology is dangerous, it will suck you in and never let you go, with a track-record to prove this. What gets me is that people are so willing to believe, to have something there that seemingly provides answers to previously unanswerable question. What ever happened to common sense, or logic for that matter?

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    Well given my sig for about a month had that link in it, I guess you could say that I support Anon

    Seriously Co$ needs to be killed.

    "If you want to become rich, make a religion"
    -L. Ron Hubbard
    Because that definitely doesn't imply a scam.

    ((Oh and for the record, I already know there is going to be some neg rep thrown around just because someone is 'anti-Anon', just wait.))

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    I think the Hal Turner raid needs more support than it gets...just as much as this one.

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    Thread closed.
    Neither 'Anonymous' nor this 'church' merit discussion.

    The good people of the world should have better things to do with their time than watching the bad guys get into a mud-wrestling match.

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