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Thread: YuYun Disposables- Has anyone used these?

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    Default YuYun Disposables- Has anyone used these?

    Hi all! I followed a link from another thread to the SaveExpress website and found a wonderful selection of all sorts of diapers. I was surprised to find YuYun disposables on this site. I've bought YuYun all in ones and plastic pants on Ebay and I have really enjoyed them. They have the right feel and good quality, too. I was wondering if anyone has tried the YuYun disposables?[/URL]

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    never heard of these before. Unfortunetely I am limited to what local stores carry, so I can't really help you.

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    I saw briefly, on E-bay, Yuyun cloth training pants that looked like the kind Gerber used to make for toddlers trying to potty train. I have never found them since. God...would I like those instead of wearing underwear. They had the cute little boy prints on them.

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    For some reason this just reminds me of a website that I don't even know exists anymore. I'm pretty sure it was a non-English site that was just somebody reviewing every adult diaper under the sun. They would generally take a photo of the package, the diapers alone, the diapers worn (dry), and the diapers worn (wet) all at various angles. Finally, each diaper was given a 0.5-5 star rating based on certain criteria.

    What I'm getting at with this is that I'm pretty sure that this website had a review of the very diapers in question. Damn... it's bothering me now that I can't recall the address.

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    Bedlam, I used to have that website bookmarked! Great site and I wish I could recall it. I think it was diaper universe or something?

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    it is/was a French... For the life of me I can not remember the name of it.

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    the website in question was unfortunately it was taken down while back and is now permanently redirected to diaperbook (as if facebook was not evil enough).

    yuYu... I honestly would be a slightly little bit worried to buy my diapers from a chinese manufacturer these days...
    plastics involve lots of chemicals... especially what is used to make them soft can be harmful to some extend...

    if you wear infrequently... why not, but for me no way (I'm 24/7)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShootsAndLeaves View Post
    yOu can buy 10,000 of them for $2,600.00 at :P
    Gawd! A case of 96 Attends lasts me a coupla months! For a $2600 investment, I could be set for life! They'd have to be just right.. I've bought diapers by the case only to be disappointed in the fit or feel and then you are kinda stuck with them. Another problem is I like to vary brands with my mood. Different colors, textures, thickness, etc... Oh, and geez, where do you hide them? Could you imagine someone stumbling on your stash of 10,000 diapers?

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