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Thread: So uh...HI!

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    Red face So uh...HI!

    Hello Adisc!

    I really don't know were to start...I'v alwasy been bad at talking haveing a convo or hell even geting my thoughts out right... :L

    My name is DJ,
    I'm 16 and i am Profoundly hearing impaired ( Profound is basically the last level to deaf ) I have hearing aids... However my left ear has no bones in them and heaing aids really dont help alot in that ear ( i can hear sounds but i cant pick up words(think charlie brown when they talk on phone and super low - I just tell most people im deaf in that ear..Cuz i am...kinda) if im to blind my right ear, my right one is damaged but i can hear words and what not

    I was born a preemie ( i was one pound and 12 inc's long - lucky i made it :P ) Was autistic till i was about 5 -6 and found out i had hearing probs in 1st grade (about 6-8) - my teacher had a hearing aid :P Mr.brown hes the one that point out i might have really bad hearing probs

    anywho... I'v lost myself here...

    I'd like to say that im also gay :P

    Im really ( x100) in to gaming on the pc ( I hate consoles )
    But one thing i love also is photography / bikeing ( trail bikeing not raceing or anything like that ) But i ONLY do this in summer as i live in a cold / rainy state ( USA,WA state)

    I'v never really had any friends :L
    Also I cannot sign or F.S

    I REALLY wish i could but nobody had the time to try and learn with me in my house.

    Im doing online school right now ( almost done )

    I really like music but i find it heard to enjoy alot of stuff...

    Im really trying to not talk about my hearing but :L It affects me alot / Who i am

    Let me know what else you guys might want to know i'd be glad to share :U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineedateam View Post

    Hello Adisc!

    I really don't know were to start...I'v alwasy been bad at talking haveing a convo or hell even geting my thoughts out right... :L

    I know what that's like! Welcome to ADISC, I'm 100% you'll find friends here

    Are you more AB or DL? Oh and do you have flickr, or some online gallery? I'd like to see your photography

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    hey welcome to adisc i know asl one of my friend is deaf and he also gay lol

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC!

    I go to RIT, over in Rochester, NY. You might want to check out NTID, National Technical Institute for the Deaf. You'll find both a fair amount of support and a HUGE deaf community. And some AB/DLs as well. NTID has both deaf and hearing-impaired students and last I heard you can get huge scholarships just for being deaf or hard of hearing.

    Glad you've made it this far though. Dude, graduate from online school and spend a year studying ASL, it's really liberating. Perhaps find a local community college or some other place where you can learn it in a classroom setting - languages are hard to learn in front of a computer (I've tried). Anyway it sounds like you've really overcome this and pushed through to the point of graduation, so congratulations.

    What kinda PC games do you play? I'm a L4D animal myself... trying to scrounge up the money for more Valve games. Yeah I know I'm a little bit of a Valve fanboy, but they do make good games.... You and I share a hatred for the console. PC games are the only true games.

    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here.

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    Welcome, I myself have a visual impairment, but know a bit of ASL from a hard of hearing friends. As another poster suggested find a class where you can take ASL, it is a lot easier to pick up when people around you are using it.

    Anyway, wish you luck and welcome!

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here on this site! What kind of music do you like? Right now I am listening to 03 Bonnie and Clyde (Jay-Z and Beyoncé)!

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    Welcome! What kind of music do you listen to?, and what kind of games do you play on the PC as I myself am an Avid Battlefield 2(Using Nations at War mod my net sucks), plus a Wow player.

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    alright wow alot of you like what i like :P

    But first let me clear up a few things i could have been more clear on...

    When i said im almost done with online school i ment that the year is almost over :L
    9th grade

    I don't have a large gallery of my photos i'v got no sd card for camera :L

    as for games i have.

    i have bf2 (i mostly play PR mod),bf2142,Freelancer,CSS,TF2,DOD:S,HL2 + EP 1 AND 2,hl:dm,Gmod,adotiserf,portal,Left 4 Dead,hl2: lost cost

    Music that i like? anything but rap/hip hop and of that crap :C

    I'd say im a DL

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    Welcome to our community ADISC! Feel free to post around as much as you'd like!

    I am sorry about your hearing. But glad you found us here, I am sure you will meet lots of friendly people.

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    If I stated all my pc games, well, I'd be typing out well over a 50, for movies, around 100. ps2 games, around 30 - 50, and 1 xbox game, and of course about 6 psp games. Can you tell I am a gamer! And a movie lover, and also a Diaper Lover!

    I dont hate consoles, I just prefer PC, much more.

    As for my hearing, all my freinds tell me to turn down my music, and I was tone deaf as a child, but now my hearing is perfect

    So hope to see you around some more

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