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Thread: Do these plastic pants exist

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    Default Do these plastic pants exist

    do any of you know if there are adult plastic pants on the market that are snap on and have pockets on the inside to hold a diaper in place ?

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    Through the years, I've visited quite a number of diaper company/ medical supply websites and I've never seen anything like that. If you do find a supplier of them, please post who/ where it is. This type of plastic pant sounds interesting, it would probably make diaper changes quicker and easier when one is away from home.

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    Those pockets were standard up to the end 90s or so. Suprima had them in (almost) all of them. To my knowledge, none have it at this point. The plastic pants I had as a kid had them too (Moelny). I am talking about European market and can't make any claims for the US market though.

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    One of the products that made the R Duck Company famous in the late 1980s was a garment they called The Baby Wrap. This was a waterproof outer layer, made of coated nylon, fastening with Velcro. Inside there was a mesh pocket to hold 1 or 2 infant prefold diapers.

    By the time I found out about adult babies in late 1990 R Duck had separated into the original firm in Santa Barbara, CA making only the infant products and a firm in the Mid West making only adult products. Alas they never did make an adult version of the Baby Wrap.

    Since then I have had offers from individuals to make me wraps which would be similar, in adult sizes, using PUL instead of coated nylon.

    Perhaps LuvsGirl or other members who sew AB/DL garments would provide similar wraps. To me the downside of using vinyl alone as the outer laying is that sewing weakens vinyl. PUL is much more robust and just as supple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handfulofoats View Post
    Indeed, Hand Fulofloats, those Snap-EZ pocket diapers are similar to the Rubber Duckies Baby Wraps, with the exception R Duck used Velcro.

    Considering that Snap-EZ includes so much latex-free elastic, probably the snaps work good enough. It appears the front landing zone has many snaps and just a single set on the back flap which laps in front. That could be an advantage since Velcro can be problematic in washing machines. It is also fascinating that Snap-EZ uses the term "serged" instead of "over-locked" seams. Generally in professionally produced garments such seams are made using industrial multi-needle over-lock machines. Sergers are consumer priced versions. How odd a professional firm would use sergers and admit doing so.

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    the ones i wore as a kid were all plastic and had pockets on the inside front and back and would hold a cloth or disposable so there was no need for pining or taping

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    I know what you are talking about, I can't figure out the brand. I got this pic off ABK. Any guesses?

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    Here it is hanging up:

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    I don't see why you couldn't modify regular plastic pants to make a pair of these.

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    great pix!

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