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Thread: Dry 24/7 No longer shipping to Canada

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    Unhappy Dry 24/7 No longer shipping to Canada

    Just found out from the Dry 24/7 site, shipping is no longer available to Canada, (I was having such a great day until now).

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    Don't know whats wrong with this company, you'd think after spending a lot on a major redesign they would want to get their product everywhere.

    Now they don't want to use USPS in the USA, only courier.

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    You mentioned contacting B4NS about it. Did you? Or did you hear back?

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    Did send an inquiry, no reply yet. I'm sure the more they get the better the chances will be. They already carry Abena, Molicare, and Bambino so it could be tough.

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    Inquiry sent The more the merrier!

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