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    I just started wearing diapers....but I ran out of my pack of Goodnights, and I miss them

    They were expensive (for me) because im broke all the time.
    I went to my usual corner store....and I saw a pack of diapers there called "Fitti"
    They were cheap...I didnt buy them...but I keep thinking about the pack in my head lol

    I fit snuggly into goodnights (the ones for 120 Lb) and I even have extra room. Im pretty small but Im not sure if Im small enough for these diapers.
    Anybody ever try Fitti baby diapers? What cheap baby diapers are a good fit for the average female (120 Lb 5'5..average hips)?

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    Welcome to ADISC! Umm... your best bet for diapers is to go a 6 or larger (if available) like with Pampers Cruisers Size 7 or learn how to make a modified diaper so you can make almost any diaper fit I'm not sure how much you mean by cheap but I honestly think Pampers Cruisers are your best bet

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    Buy Luvs!!!!! The sides are so stretchy you can make them fit you comfortably, I get them to fit even though I'm like 100 lbs more than you. They smell really nice and are much cheaper than Pampers, probably not much more than those fitti's and they hold a lot.

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    the size 7 pampers cruisers would prob work, it's only $10 for a small pack so it's a small investment even if they don't work that well

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    Fitti diapers are a freaking debotchery. Trust me, just save up the extra 4-5 dollars and get a pack of size 6 Luvs. Pampers are a tad more expensive, which I can only give it due to their slightly fancier designs compared to Luv's diapers. Otherwise, just get luv's. Smell nice, look cute, and will more than likely fit you. Enjoy!

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