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Thread: Frustrated over Tena's changes.

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    Default Frustrated over Tena's changes.

    As some of you may know... Tena has recently made some changes to their US marketted diapers. They used to have nice sturdy tapes and a tape "landing zone" on the front. This has been done away with and replaced with velcro-like fasteners that will hook anywhere on the diaper.

    The problem I'm having is that the new velcro fasteners aren't attached very well to the wings. On a good percentage of the diapers one or 2 of the fasteners will pull right off without much effort at all. I find this extremely frustrating.

    Having to rely on them 24/7 as I do it's tough when I don't know whether or not the diaper I brought along for a change is going to fasten properly. I've sorted through most of the case I got on friday and ended up tossing a large number of the diapers b/c of the tape issue. This makes me quite angry b/c it's money that I'm throwing away... and the Tenas aren't cheap.

    This being said... I am going to be writing Tena a nice letter this afternoon... let them know exactly what I think of their new changes. I definately don't plan on buying any more. I advise the rest of you here in the US to avoid Tena as well... atleast until they get enough complaints and get the problem straightened out.

    Why does it always seem that when a US diaper manufacturer goes to a "new and improved" product... it is always worse than the old version?

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    I'm saddened to hear of this happening to you. Feelings goes out to you when you have to rely on it. Unlike a majority of us, where it is just an infatuation or having a penchant over it, cases like yours should be held in high esteem. Products would then be better tailored and everyone enjoys the benefit that is reaped.

    Good luck in achieving a positive reply from the manufacturer!

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    Well, just expect a typical response from them like, "blah blah blah we hear your concern... blah blah you are important to us... blah blah we won't tell you exactly why we changed the design, just in case you don't like the reason and we lose profits, etc..."

    But being upfront about it is always a good thing. If enough people do it, then it can make a difference. (Wait, am I pro-union now? )

    You know, it's amazing when companies change their product, slap the "new and improved" stamp on - as you mentioned - when it's clearly an inferior product to the last design. I swear, diapers are the only things that get worse when they are supposedly meant to get better. I would have said, "But dude! Don't forget these diapers are meant for people with incontinence! Not DLs!" ...But seeming as you are, the problem still stands that Tena have reduced the quality of their diaper, slicing off a bit of paradise to both those who need them and those who like them.

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    Haha. Think about it then.

    We would currently then be wearing "Old And Inferior!"


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    Yes, I bought a case of the new Tena Super briefs (large) back in Febuary and endured the same result. I tore a tape off the first one I tried when I was fitting the diaper. The cloth-like sides are very easy to tear and the tapes regularly tore off while I slept. Then again, I also had similar problems with the older ultra brief. Those tapes stretched and/or tore off on me, but with less frequency than the new style.

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    I like the fact that it is adjustable especially for the fact that most of the time i wear diapers i usually have to go number 2 after about 2-3 hours so i can only wear for a small amount of time and thats if im lucky i could have to go within 30 mins for all i know. So i guess it would work that you could take it off to go number 2 then put it back on which is not really a bad thing in my case.

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    You know, that tena your wearing is prefectly capable of handling your poop, totally eliminating the need to take it off and put it back on

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    most folks prefer to avoid that... too much cleanup necessary...

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    The tapes kind of sound like the CVS brand ones...But I've only had 2 or 3 rip off, and that was after a while of use/readjusting a lot...Nothing can be both "new" and "improved" at the same time >__>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Why does it always seem that when a US diaper manufacturer goes to a "new and improved" product... it is always worse than the old version?
    Unfortunately, doesn't appear only to be true of diapers, Darkfinn. Soon as I see "new and improved" on anything I think, "Oh No!, what did they do to it now?" "New" - yes, "Improved" - usually not to my liking!

    Sorry to hear they messed your diaper brand up!


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