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Thread: Your Sexuality

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    Question Your Sexuality

    Well Guys, ive come to realise that im part of a minority in this and the furry community... Im straight. Im interested to find out how big this gap is

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    I like people, not their gender. So I consider myself to be pansexual, that is to say, that I'll have sex with anyone who takes my fancy and if I fall head over heels for a person, I'm falling for them, not whats between their legs XD

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    I'm bi, alittle more into girls but I think some guys are cute.

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    I'm Gay.

    Humphrey Sez: That means he likes to kiss boys rather than girls!

    Kraiden: I think they know that already...

    Humphrey: Why don't you like to kiss girls? It wouldn't matter if you kiss boys OR girls, since both boys and girls have lips to kiss!

    Kraiden: I've kissed both, but I like boys better.

    Humphrey: But they all kiss the same, don't they? how can you say you like boys better when girls kiss exactly the same?

    Kraiden: *facepalm*

    Humphrey: I wins the argument!!!! YAY!

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    There should be more options, because I think there are some people here who either are unsure, or uninterested in people sexually (asexual).

    For me, I'm somewhere between gay and asexual. I like guys, but am somewhat disinterested in sex (or at least not as obsessed as everyone else I know). And yes, I have tried both sides :p

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    Most things point towards bisexual/gay, but I'm not sure..I'll just follow the road and see where it leads with sexuality

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