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    Heard this on the late news this evening. He lived to the ripe, old age of 97. Good for him! I remember his "House Party" show where he would interview little children on various topics - all ad-lib. Always interesting to hear what was on their minds, still being a kid myself at the time.

    Art Linkletter, TV Host, Dies at 97 - Obituary (Obit) -


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    Oh wow, I didn't think he'd been around this long. I remember reading that book "Kids say the darndest things!" at my grandma's house and thinking it was rather funny, as a 14 year old. I bet she still has that book somewhere... and I bet it will be even funnier now that I am older and all that fun stuff. I guess it's kind of an accomplishment living that long, but according to that article he lived out three of his five kids. Dunno if i'd want to live that long, but good on him for keeping on keeping on. RIP

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    If you had asked me I'd have been sure he was already gone. That's a good long run! Abe Vigoda is still alive, though.

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    And I loved Art Linkletter's broadcast of Disneyland's Opening Day in 1955. I've watched it from time to time since I bought the DVD. He was great. I also loved that Ronnie Reagan also was an anchor for the broadcast too!

    Art, you were always such a huge hit when you went to Disneyland and in all of your other endeavours. Thanks for the laughs!

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    Wow, I didn't even hear about this with all the other celebrities passing away.

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    I believe he was a pioneer in television, as no one had done anything like his show before. He really was beloved by Americans, and I suspect he was a genuinely nice guy.

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    So I guess its true that all celebrities must die in clusters. RIP Art Linkletter

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