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Thread: Moment you would relive forever?

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    Default Moment you would relive forever?

    Do you have a special moment in your life that if you could travel back in time you would just relive forever?

    Mine was the day I got over my fear of roller coasters (12/24/05). I went to Islands of Adventure in Orlando and rode the roller coaster Dueling Dragons for the first time and loved it. Later that day I did Hulk and it became my favorite roller coaster at the time. That day meant a lot to me because I was always a roller coaster fanatic yet ironically was too scared to ride them.

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    I can't say there's any one specific time in my life I'd want to live over and over and over again into infinity and beyond....Although there are lots of times that I would like to go back to and just 'relive the moment'...then again if I went back I'd know what I didn't now then, and it wouldn't be the same moment at maybe not.

    I think I'd rather feel again the emotion of the time than actually relive the event. The innocence of a first kiss, the joy of the birth of a child, and so on are more about the feeling than the actual event, at least to me. I guess in a small way I can relive the feeling by remembering the event in question.

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    Mmm... not any moment I'd particularly like to live in forever, as that'd totally ruin my fond memory of it!

    Heh, anyway... there have been a few moments in my life where I just wished it'd never end. Usually I think that at times when I get "Really super-fantasic good news", or that feeling you get when you first listen to an album so amazing you can't help but keep it on loop for weeks.

    Probably though, if there was one particular moment I would love to go back to... by god, it'd be that bloody Daft Punk concert I went back last December. Being a fan of Daft Punk for well over 8 years and losing hope that'd I'd ever see them live, they start a tour with one of the most breathtaking, inspiring shows - both visually and aurally. That concert really was one of my life's dreams crossed off the list.

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    cant really think of any in particular... but maybe the day i got into university the relief and JOY i felt that my lifes plans were going to shape up

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    Haha New Years Eve last year... Buncha friends... Pixi Stix... Energy drinks... Car... And GH... FUN TIMES!!

    My girlfriend (we weren't dating then) my two best friends, and another friend drove all around town stopping at every store/gas station looking for Pixi Stix and our fav energy drinks. Then once we were all really super hyper we folded the back seat down and my two best friends and I just kinda sat back threre and my girlfriend and other friend were in the front and we had the music really loud and we were out for about an hour before my sister called and told us to come back to the party. We just told everyone we were going to Walmart but we were bored at the party so we didnt wanna go back so soon. But yeah anyway that would be AWESOME to relive

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    I guess that I would relive the day I got my graduation certificate with a GPA that qualifies me for a college education in Psychology. It was the most joyous occasion for my mother, mainly. To see the pride and joy in her eyes, that through it all, I succeeded.

    My father used to comment that I was a failure, and I rebelled at him for it. I totally refused to study, refused to do anything with my life. I was at the point where I didn't care where my life went to. When I moved out from my dad's place to my mum's, I changed. I learnt to work for myself and gained the knowledge that only my hands can bring about my future. And seeing that I succeeded, it wasn't just for me. It was for my mum. I'll never forget that day. It made everything in life worth it.

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    I can't think of any day I would want to live over again, but there is one that I would like to forget and can't, 10-23-97, after that day I spent almost 6 months in a hospital, not a joyful expereience.

    But I can't forget, because I have to look at the results, and feel it as well, every time I take a step I'm reminded of it.

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