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Thread: Your first diaper

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    Default Your first diaper

    What is the first diaper you ever wore/used? and what brand would you recommend to a first-timer? I want to know before I decide what to look for when I gain the $ to try for the first time. (currently my waist is between ≈25-26" and I weigh between ≈105-109 pounds if it helps)

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    The first ones I got when I was 13 was a pack of boys pull-ups size 3T-4T.

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    Because you are so small, I would go for something like the largest size pullups you can find, or goodnites. If you are like me, you will find the designs adorable. If I were you, I would buy baby diapers simply because you won't be able to fit in them forever. Of course, the trade off of getting a baby diaper or goodnite or something like that is low absorbency.

    If you want more absorbency, you should probably get an adult diaper. Next purchase I was thinking of getting are the Dry 24/7's. However, I am making a guess (small size) here and assuming you are living with your parents, which means you probably won't feel comfortable ordering off the internet. If this is the case, I have found that the CVS Fitted Briefs are excellent diapers for what you pay for them.

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    I remember that when I was that size I could easily fit into Huggies size 6, and now that Pampers has a size 7, I'd recomend those. Also, Pull-Ups of any kind work too. Now just be careful that if and when you wear these, try not over-flood your diaper; they don't wick quickly enough for that. Just wet in short little bursts or a slow dribble.

    If you want something you can flood, try Underjams. Their sides tend to SUCK and practically dissolve, but your description of your size leads me to think that you won't have much of a problem with that issue.

    In any case, you have an entire world of diapers at your disposal. My advice is to AT LEAST go with baby diapers first because chances are you won't be able to fit in them forever, so might as well do it while you can! I'm happy that's what I did. MY only regret is that I was always so hesitant to try Pampers before it was too late. C'est la vie. At least I got Huggies!

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    Goodnites will definitely fit you properly and Underjams would probably be fine too. I would not bother with baby diapers because they really don't fit non babies properly. Unfortunately finding tape on adult diapers in your size would require ordering online or buying at a medical supply store.

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    I would ask my parents, but would have a hard time explaining why to them.

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    lol well if you mean have babyhood then that would be Bambinos.

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    Abri form x-plus. It felt like i dream the first time.

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